Hear Me, An Application for Listeners and Deaf Friends by SBM ITB Students

Written by Student Reporter, Elisabeth Sirumapea (Management 2020)

Hear Me company is an application that aims to facilitate communication between listeners and deaf friends who were established in January 2019 by four SBM ITB students from the Entrepreneurship major batch 2020. Its founders are Athalia Mutiara Laksmi, Safirah Nur Shabrina, Octiafani Isna Ariani, and Nadya Sahara Putri. This establishment is motivated by the experience by them when ordering an online taxi they get a deaf driver and he is accompanied by his daughter to facilitate communication with passengers. Therefore, Hear Me exists as a solution to facilitate communication between listeners and deaf friends so that later there will be no gaps in communication, reduce discrimination, provide disability-friendly facilities and are certain to increase the equal rights of persons with disabilities.

Hear Me has participated in several competitions, namely the Swiss Innovation Challenge getting 2nd place, Bandung Pitching Days won the Best Innovation category, and the last time being a DSCX winner. Hear Me has the motivation to take part in various competitions because initially, Hear Me wants to get capital for business, add relationships, add experience, add knowledge and insights for future business.

Athalia Mutiara Laksmi, CEO of Hear Me, who is often called Atha, told us a little about their experiences in participating in the competition they had last participated in, namely DSCX in November 2019. The Diplomat Success Challenge (DSC) is an entrepreneurial competition program that provides opportunities for young Indonesians who dare to be entrepreneurs to Obtain a total venture capital grant of 2 billion, assistance and education.

In joining this competition, Atha learned to be a fast learner and struggled hard so that she could match abilities with other participants and be able to complete challenges with satisfying results. “Every night must evaluate and apply the material that was received that day and always have a presentation every time,” she said. This is because one of the challenges they face is because there are as many as 12,000 DSCX participants and the stages are quite difficult. But all the challenges they could defeat and managed to become winners by getting a total grand prize of IDR 250,000,000

“What is certain to be grateful for is that I was proud and relieved that I was able to get a 2-year accompaniment gift and a 250 million grant,” Atha said with a smile.

Athalia hopes that in the future Hear Me can run this business and make the best use of this money so that they can realize their ideas and help people with disabilities improve their equality.