Written by Maftuh Ihsan & Abdurahman Alatas

As a contribution to the society, BLEMBA 24 conducted Charity Day event in SOS Children’s Village in Jakarta (23/11/2019). SOS Children’s Village is a non-profit non-governmental social organization actively supporting children’s rights committed to providing the orphans what they need the most -that is- family who would take care of them wholeheartedly.

To bring the concept of learning and playing, the Charity event had various activities divided by age group. There were Career Sharing for high school and university students, Treasure hunt for elementary and middle school children, and lastly, the Origami activity for infants and toddlers. The main idea was to make them happy for the whole day.

Came to the main event, the participants played “Memorizing like an elephant” from one of the Memory Grand masters, in which they also chose some kids to be involved in the attempt to break MURI record on “Remembering maps with the most participants” held later in December 2019.

Dafry Reksavagita as a Chairman of the committee said, “This event is held not only to give the kids entertainment, but also to instill the values of kindness, discipline, and leadership, with the idea of preparing them to reach a bright future.”

“This event is the implementation on what BLEMBA 24 students learn from Entrepreneurial Leadership. I’m hoping that this kind of event can be followed by other students as their contribution to the society,” said Deputy Director for Jakarta Campus, Dr Yudo Anggoro.

Business Leadership Executive MBA (BLEMBA) is a graduate degree program designed to help professionals gain a better understanding of business and management functions. Established in 2007, BLEMBA program has now more than 800 graduates working at large corporations or owning their own business.

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