Written by Student Reporter, Deo Fernando (Entrepreneurship 2021)

Management of medical data is very important. Currently, there are many medical errors due to the absence of historical data about the patient’s disease and also often occurs in communication between doctors.

Cryptoscope is a platform to enable the processes of medical data that can be accessed by authorized parties with the patient’s permission. In this platform, patients can see the track record of the disease he is experiencing. This is useful for medical treatment by the history of the disease so that it can reduce the risk of medical errors. 

The cryptoscope, which was founded by Abdullah Azam and Ksatrya Anantayutya, is also one of the fostered startups of The Greather Hub SBM ITB business incubator. Founded in 2018, the Cryptoscope started with problems experienced by Azam. Azam, who was studying in Malaysia at the time, saw that hospital data was still in Excel format and if it was transferred to the web, the data would be messy. Another problem is still from the Azam’s experience in 2015 who got an accident in Malaysia. In that case, Azam could not get medical treatment because he did not have a Malaysian resident card because he is Indonesian. “At that time I was abandoned for one day, because I did not have a Malaysian resident card. Because with the card there is historical data of the patient’s disease so if there are no patients, they cannot be given medical action.”, said Azam when met by the SBM ITB student reporter. Aside from his personal experience, Azam added that the other reasons  of Cryptoscope’s establishment is many data shows that in developed countries like Unites States there are around 250 people who died due to medical errors. There are far more in Indonesia, but there is no clear evidence on this case.

In general Azam said, the business model concept of Crypstoscope consists of B2B and B2C. For B2C, Cryptoscope provides services to patients in viewing medical history, and can also take a queue number at the hospital and do a translucent drug. For doctors, it functions as a digital drug recording and patient disease that can be directly typed on a tablet or smartphone so that it doesn’t need paper anymore. The data provided by the doctor is then directly stored in the patient’s historical illness. By using machine learning technology, making the Cryptoscope can recognize all the doctor’s writings. 

And for B2B, the Cryptoscope serves to provide a data format that is useful for health agencies as a report for BPJS. During this time, health agencies are still having difficulty or wrong in compiling report data to be given to BPJS. With the Cryptoscope, making company agencies easily make reports to BPJS. For now, Cryptoscop has collaborated with a state-owned hospital in Batam.  

The goal is with the Cryptoscope, health industry in Indonesia can develop the medical data that properly managed so that medical errors can be reduced. And also services in various hospitals in Indonesia can improve more.