Written by Student Reporter, Evita Sonny (Management 2020)

For the bachelor’s degree, SBM is now holding two study programs. They are management and entrepreneurship. Management program provides general business and management knowledge such as Marketing, Finance, Operation, Human Resource, and Decision Making. Sciences in management major provide so much knowledge of how to properly manage a corporation in this globalization era. Management learning goals are divided into five. They are to understand core competency in business and management, to have effective communication and negotiation skills, to know how to solve the problem in a business context, to have a sense of leadership, as well as behave ethically in achieving sustainable business practice.

“The most forget less experience I got in SBM ITB is when I get the Integrated Business Experience (IBE) course. Here, we are allowed to create our own company. I think IBE is combining what we have learned about Operations, Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, and Decision Making Science in the previous semester. This project also requires good teamwork. We are just like have been prepared about how real company works,” Fasco (Chairman of the management student association 2018/2019) said.

There are some differences with the entrepreneurial program which more emphasizing in business concept, entrepreneurial attitude, and value creation. Entrepreneurial program is taught the students to have hands-on practice in making a business. They are accustomed to being able to see a business opportunity and engage directly to jump in its development. “Other than the learning process, what I love about SBM ITB is I get so many insights when I am discussing with the lectures. I feel lucky to be able to enter SBM ITB since SBM not only emphasizing how knowledge is important but also put forward how we behave professionally as an entrepreneur,” Ibnu (Chairman of the entrepreneurship student association) said.

This both programs are discussing the life cycle of a business, from ideas, planning, until running a successful business. Management is equipped with a more specific knowledge while entrepreneurship is more applying a big-picture business. The final project for the management program is a bachelor thesis (concentrate on either marketing, finance, operations, human resource, or decision making) while the final project for the entrepreneurship program is a report from its student’s own business.  “In SBM, whatever the major we take, we are taught directly to implement our knowledge in building the real business, we are practice, not just studying and memorizing textbooks,” add Fasco.

Another basic differentiation between management and entrepreneurial study programs is the study location. The management program is having all teaching and learning activities in ITB Ganesha while the Entrepreneurship program has its activities in ITB Jatinangor. Yet, entrepreneurship students have also some courses partially in ITB Ganesha.

Both of these student representatives (Fasco and Ibnu) are quite the same. They hope SBM ITB can be better each day, it may not only be the best business school in Indonesia, but in Southeast Asia, or might be the world. The SBM students also continue to be expected to never forget the social soul. Like its motto, SBM students have to apply how crucial is ethic, skill, and knowledge.