MBA ITB Students: From Top Management to Social Entrepreneurs

A total of 496 MBA ITB students attended pre-lecture activities. Held in two places, the activities took place for the Bandung MBA at the Auditorium of the Freeport ITB Building, and the Jakarta MBA at the Intercontinental Hotel, Bandung (01/09/2020).
The activity was attended by all the SBM ITB vice deans along with the director and deputy director of the MBA program in both Bandung and Jakarta.

The activity for the Bandung MBA was opened by the Vice Dean for Academic Affairs Prof. Sarjono Utomo Putro. Utomo introduced about the vision and mission of SBM ITB. “We educate students to be innovative and an entrepreneurial mindset, someone who is brave to take risks, and collaborate.”

MBA Bandung Director is welcoming the new students

Utomo also described the conditions developed by SBM ITB. From the latest SBM ITB data, as much as 58.9 percent obtained by ITB MBA get work less than one month.

The explanation was continued by the Director of the Bandung MBA Program, Dr. Subiakto Soekarno regarding briefing before the start the class of January 2020.

“These new MBA students come from various regions such as Java, Sumatra, Kalimantan and Sulawesi. In addition to ordinary students there are executive students from various large companies such as the Badak NLG, Primacoal East Kalimantan, Bio Farma and Batam Polytechnic as well as several well-known companies, “said MBA Bandung Director, Subiakto Soekarno.

In the debriefing, Subiakto explained that there were six learning objectives expected from MBA ITB students. That is integrative thinking, that is teamwork, communication skills, ethical responsibility, leadership, and global awareness.

“Students in the future will be directed to be the top management of the company where they work or the company owned by themself. Some alumni have initiatives to build startups that have a social impact (social entrepreneurship). Millennial interest becomes a social entrepreneur, giving impact to the wider community besides getting economic benefits for the startups “added Subiakto”

Meanwhile, the Jakarta MBA activity was attended by the Vice Dean for Resources, Prof. Aurik Gustomo to give a speech to Jakarta MBA students who then continued the briefing on active learning, and learning with case by the Director of the Jakarta MBA, Yos Sunitiyoso Ph. D, and Deputy Director Yudo Anggoro Ph. D.