The Greater Hub Pre-Incubation Workshop 2020

Written by Arfenia Nita, MM

Thegreaterhub ( SBM ITB is a multi-platform business development under SBM ITB for ITB students in particular and Bandung young generation, in physical form such as work space or manufacturing space and non -physical such as planned incubation, acceleration also skills development programs. For approximately 4 years of operation, The Greater Hub has held 7 batch business incubation (startup) programs. This program has helped many young business initiators, consisting of students and non-students, develop markets and expand collaboration networks with business stakeholders. Seeing the development of this impact, Thegreaterhub felt the need to continue to develop facilities and programs to be able to provide better services and increase collaboration between creative and business people in West Java. In 2020, the Batch VIII Incubation Program series, which will run for 4 effective months, was officially opened on January 24, 2020.

The series of programs was marked by the start of a pre-incubation workshop that invited the general public, giving workshops with the theme “Creating the Impactful Startup” delivered by Muhamad Fajrin Rasyid, Co-Founder and President of Bukalapak, and the Idea Generation workshop by Dr. Dina Dellyana, Director of The Greater Hub Incubator SBM ITB. This workshop goal is to inspire the young generation to develop their business ideas to become an impact in Indonesia, and encouraged the usage of business incubator facilities in batch VIII 2020 which will be opened until February 1, 2020. The incubator capacity is ready for 24 startups, and list of the selected incubatee will be announced on February 10, 2020 .

The workshop was attended by 90 participants from various affiliations. Some of them are founder startups and are preparing themselves to participate in the selection of the Greater Hub Batch VIII 2020 incubation program. The workshop began with a presentation on how Bukalapak pioneered business and cooperated with the government and several business stakeholders Together to develop Indonesia, giving broad impact to the community . Then the workshop continued with the presentation by the director of The Greater Hub related to the development of business ideas in various sectors, and ended with the inauguration of the opening of the registration of business ideas for The Greater Hub Batch VIII 2020 Business Incubation Program.