Workshop: Indonesia Big Data for MSME 2020

Written by Student Reporter, Evita Sonny (Management 2020)

Big Data and Business Analytics Laboratory SBM ITB has collaboration with Shibaura Institute of Technology, Fesmus, and Kaze to make a workshop regarding Indonesia Big Data for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises.

Big Data processing system has begun to be applied by several business actors. Proper Big Data Processing will greatly assist business actors to make decisions. In addition, the results of Big Data processing also produce very useful information. However, for some micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), the implementation of Big Data systems and data processing using technology is still very difficult to do. This is caused by many things, some of them are the need for large costs, the absence of data processing experts in a company, and the lack of knowledge and awareness about the importance of processing Big Data for MSMEs. So, the introduction of the importance of Big Data and alternative solutions that can be done to process Big Data will be very important to be known by the MSMEs.

There are academics and practitioners who would be speakers and panelists at this event. They are Dr. Eng. Manahan Siallagan (Director of Big Data Analysis and Social Simulation Laboratory of SBM ITB), Santi Noviani, Ph.D (Secretary of Entrepreneurship of LPIK ITB), I Made Ariya Sanjaya (CEO of Kazee), Yogie Setiafriawan (Founder of Fesmus), Ir. Eri Nurjaman (The Head of the micro business and SME facilities in micro and small business cooperative in Bandung City), Tris Avianti (Head of Creative Economy in Culture and Tourism Office in Bandung City).

“Three things that become challenges for MSMEs are human capital, marketing, and capital. This then becomes three things to be focused on in order to make the MSMEs not only survive but also sustain,” said Dr. Eng. Manahan Siallagan.

“MSMEs become the one who bigly contribute to regional income, absorb labor, and invite foreign tourists. Therefore, a collaboration between the academics, government, and society is needed to raise MSMEs in Indonesia,” said Santi Noviani, Ph.D

Lots of speakers here want to contribute to the improvement of MSMEs in Indonesia, like in making platform, giving seminars, free consultations, and many more. And next, they would like to develop MSMEs in Indonesia through an incubation clinic to increase their sales with the help of big data.