Creating Purposeful Leadership in Inspiring Unileader x KMM ITB 2020

Written by Student Reporter, Salsabila Mayang (Management 2020)

Inspiring Unileader is an event from Unilever Indonesia for the best campuses in Indonesia, one of which is Bandung Institute of Technology. The purpose of this event is to inspire students who will later become world leaders. Unilever Indonesia cooperated with Keluarga Mahasiswa Manajemen (KMM) ITB to hold an event entitled “Creating Purposeful Leadership”. The annual event was held to invite ITB students to be proactive in improving Indonesia by becoming a leader with a purpose.

As the only faculty at ITB to study knowledge of management constructively, SBM often collaborates with national and multinational companies to share their knowledge and experience through seminars. “The annual event which has been held five times is hoped to become a bridge between SBM ITB and Unilever as industry players. Knowledge that has been built from students is needed by the industry to create a better society.” said Sonny Rustiadi as Director of Student Affairs SBM ITB in his remarks at this event.

Inspiring Unileader 2020 was held at the ITB SBM Auditorium on Saturday (21/02/20) with the speaker Willy Saelan as Vice President of Human Resources of PT. Unilever Indonesia Tbk. On this occasion, Willy Saelan explained the importance of giving impact on legacy at the finish line by spreading the goodness and benefits for others. “All of you have to find your purpose, do not climb a ladder that will bring you not to the scenery you want to see. Life got to be at more gratefulness, not more regrets.” this man who has a passion for running explained to audiences. Willy invited the audiences to ponder what’s our purpose of life since we were born.

Unilever as the first Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) company in Indonesia has the purpose to make sustainable living commonplace. As the company wants to be purpose-led and future-fit by having three components which are brands with purpose grow, companies with purpose last, and people with purpose thrive. “All leaders should spell out their purpose, because it will then generate social commitment.” According to him, even in working life must be based on the purpose of every conduct.

In addition, there was also a session of alumnae sharing by Armansyah Adhityo, a student of SBM ITB 2015 told that purpose acts as our identity cause our own purpose defines sense of self. He who is now becoming a UFLP Human Resource in Unilever has a purpose of “to be a set of stories that inspires people to try.” He then told how to find purpose by trying to thrive. “Sit down. Take down, and remember everything. Remember our lowest point and highest point of life and draw the same line between the two.” said this man who is commonly called Arman.

Arman shared how he started to build his career by joining an internship program for entry level position in Unilever to create a goodness to society project that always use the commitment and investment to give impact to others. As the company that puts attention to people, he was demanded to understand of what people need then value the offered program based on Maslow Theory that explains stage of human needs. “Purpose includes of character, belief, and value. Self-awareness is also essential. We don’t have to adjust our own values for fitting in to certain companies. “ he explained.