Written by Student Reporter, Aldi Aldinar (Entrepreneurship 2020)

“The financial sector is intangible, and it is expected to be the support of the real sector. But frequently the financial sector is excessing the real sector. This phenomenon is well-known as the financial bubble that can burst anytime and start the financial crisis.”

A topic about entrepreneur finance for a start-up business in accordance with the entrepreneurship student’s condition who is currently running a start-up was delivered by Dr. Budi S. Purnomo S.E., M.M., M.Si. CACP in front of Bachelor of Entrepreneuship class of 2020 on February 24th 2020 at SBM Jatinangor Campus. He is an expert who has well-grounded experience in the banking and financial sector.

Mr. Purnomo started the presentation the students about the reason of established a business. Whether the desire to gain wealth or to prepare their future. Students were actively expressed their motivation. Then he continued present the alternative sources of financing for start-ups, such as personal investment, love money ( funding from parents or relative), angel investor, venture capital, crowdfunding, business incubator, and a commercial loan from a bank. 

As an early stage of an entrepreneur, Mr. Purnomo advised the students for considering the source of financing by internal company conditions and risk management analysis. He emphasized the way we get the funding, the term, and the condition of funding itself. For example, how tight the condition is, how high the interest is or if it consist of riba – a prohibited Islamic financial practice. Moreover, he said to choose the funding alternative, the macro-economic conditions should be in our watchlist like financial crisis, inflation, and recession. In the end, he closes the presentation by underlining the importance of fair financing, regulated funding, and managing financial risk carefully to prevent overwhelming growth and fraud.