Palita Rana Putinagari, High Achiever in Harvard University Project

Palita Rana Putinagari, from Entrepreneurship study program batch 2021 became the winner of Deloitte Impact Challenge 2020 which is still in one program The Harvard College Project for Asian and International Relations (HPAIR) that held in Harvard University, Boston, USA 14-17 February 2020.

HPAIR was founded to create a forum of exchange for students and young professionals to discuss and learn about the most important economic, political, and social issues facing Asia. Establishing a common ground for dialogue, HPAIR 2020 is looking to craft a new vision for the future, forged from the viewpoints and ideas of delegates from across the globe. 

In the event Palita must undergo several selections before being selected. First, she have to submit a paper on the track of her preference – in this case, her take about global market & economy. she wrote a paper about the prevalence of AI and the change it has caused in global market within the past 10 years. And then after selected the next step was interview. And then Palita was successfully announced as a participant the program.

When talked about her impression Palita said. “It was one of the most highly-competitive selection process. And indeed, people who I met in the event who were selected was amongst the most high-caliber students of the Asia-Pacific region. Not only the participants range from Bachelor to PhD degree, but those who have worked up to 6 years in government or private firms also stepped in. (60+ countries, 6 difference conference talks in total). I joined the Global Market & Economy track, and the panelists speakers were outstanding: there is someone from Paypal, New York Times, double Oscar winner, etc. For me, it didn’t feel like I was one of the best persons to be selected, instead it opens my door to see how much I can learn from that opportunity, and how inspired I became after seeing these amazing figures milestones.”

And then during her experience as Official Representative of Indonesia on HPAIR 2020 in Harvard University, she achieved a tremendous award as the 1st Winner of Deloitte Impact Challenge, a business case hosted by Deloitte on designating a solution for the future of basketball sport (NBA). Her  team consisted of Bachelor students from India and Philippines and having diverse educational background (arts, science, and business). Back at that time, they never met before. But she succeeded on cultivating focus on their team to put aside any barriers and lead for the main target. She believed that the best solution on this challenge is not strongly correlated with any expertise but built from getting the best of each composition of the team. Hence, her  team and  her decided that their team should have the proportional construction of the solution: Business Sector, Science and Technology Actualization, and essence of Arts Exposure.

Written by Student Reporter, Deo Fernando (Entrepreneurship 2021)