Enhance Academic Learning Through Competition, is That Possible?

Sobat SBM must know that on SBM ITB we finished our study faster than another school or faculty, both in graduated program and postgraduate program. In college life, we spend time learning and completing tasks. Many people may find it's difficult to participate in off-campus activities such as organizations and competitions. But is that assumption true? Let's discuss it with three members of SBM ITB.

On this episode, SBM ITB presents two outstanding students, Palita Rana and Cheryl Marlitta Stefia, who share their experiences to keep achieving in a tight lecture schedule. To enrich the angle, SBM ITB Talks also presents Sonny Rustiadi, student affairs director who is a representative of SBM ITB for achievements and services to prepare competitions for students.

What are some insights we can steal from our three speakers?

  1. Lectures are The Main Responsibility
    Palita Rana—one of outstanding entrepreneurship program student, said, “For me, academic is first responsibility for students.” Palita Rana told that in every competition she followed, she always tried to catch up with her friends talking about task and courses. She also as much as possible done her campus work even when she is competing.
  2. Time Management
    Palita Rana also added, “Starts from small acts, I usually make every day to-do list even in the weekend, it consists not only important activities but also something like watch movie, workout, or another small activity.” By making to-do list and discipline in making the record, Rana claimed that she could sort out her activities according to her priority scale and it makes Rana could do all of her actions in an effective way.
  3. There are Always New Things to Learn
    “In every competition no matter small or large, there are always new things we can learn,”. Cheryl answered the question about points she got by following many competitions. Cheryl tells that she can learn not only from the expert but also from another participant even from a small university. Both Cheryl and Palita agree that from every discussion they’ve done in the competition, they can get a new point of view and values that can enrich their thought.
  4. Find Your Motivation
    On the previous point, the insight we get has come from our outstanding students, now Mr Sonny Rustiady will share his thought about getting achievement while pursuing university levels. He said, “From our very first day as a student in SBM ITB, we’re already given so many information that helps us built our motivation…but back again if you have a mindset that says the important thing is graduate as SBM ITB alumni and it will be easy for you to get job or network for your business, I suppose you might be wrong… your success based on your effort.”
  5. We’re Running a Marathon, Not a Sprint.
    “Don’t spend all your energy on the first semester that will make you are demotivating on the next year. We have to maintain our motivation, our spirit, and our energy. College is a marathon, not a sprint, the strategy is different also the atmosphere, and we have to prepare those things”, Mr Sonny added.

Become a college student mean to become a person that has such a significant opportunity to develop ourselves. We have freedom, time, and spirit that we can use to try a bunch of new things. We can try to compete either on our campus, another campus, in a national competition, moreover international events. If competing is not your passion, you can try to be a part of an organization and develop your soft skill, or maybe you can make or participate in social activity. Good things to do also is doing creative work using your social media, such a good idea. There are so many things you can do, learn, and develop while learning in university, so don’t waste your time, find your motivation, and build your path starts from now.

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