Life After Graduation with Andina Badri (Part 1)

What success mean for you? Have a lot of money? Working at a big company? Or other things? For today's guest, success is to be what you want and do what you love. It's too mainstream, right? But let's try to listen to this podcast and look from another point of view.

“Success is when you make a lot of money.” “Having a high position is the definition of success.” “Still an employee? It means you’re not successful yet because success is become a businessman and leading yourself.”

There are so many definitions of success by society. This meaning shaping students’ points of view about what success is; not infrequently, they end up burying their dreams or turning to other types of work because of the success definition. But in fact, is there any qualification to be a successful person?

Let’s share perspective with one of our bachelor of management alumni who work as Global Lead in Youtube Music Product Marketing- Global Market, Andina Badri. From her first year of college, she already knew that Management is the field she wants to work on for years. Andina found her
interest in creativity, unique ideas, and understanding humans could be express in marketing.

Falling in love with marketing brings Andrina Badri to be ambitious and passionate about her college life. She achieved so many achievements and was even appointed as an outstanding student in ITB.

Learning what she loves and even got achievements didn’t mean Andina Badri walked through a smooth road. Andina Badri revealed, there are critics and negativity thrown at her because of her ambition in those times. Andina Badri got several critics that say women doesn’t have to be so ambitious and questioning everything.
“There is just like a lot of actually negativity that happens when I was at school and that times people thing that t doesn’t impact me, but it impacted me a lot, it actually like make me re-evaluate myself, and it honestly makes me think that there is something wrong with me,” Adina Badri describing the impact of the  negativity.

The unique point is in every criticism and problem she got; Andina Badri found that studying and competing can help her forget her challenge for a moment. She said that she always tries to focus on something she can control, exploring her potential and running for achievement. “Every time I face this kind of trouble, I always find the studying and being active like extracurricular activities,
competition, like these other staff are my escape. Because the other thing is almost like things within your control, what other people think of you, you can’t control that, so then I think I try to focus on things that I can control because that makes me feel it help me take control of the situation bit better,” she added.
These not so smooth experiences at the end bring Andina Badri to understand that success is about self-love, find things you want to do, and can have a bigger perspective to realize that someone else achievements are a good step for a better world. If Andina Badri can go back to the past, she wants to encourage her younger self by saying, “Worry less and be kinder to yourself, if you don’t know what else you want to do, then it’s okay, the worse is to hate yourself for don’t know what to do and end up not doing anything. Just be proud of  yourself and stop comparing yourself with others.”

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