“Most of the knowledge gained by students comes from a conventional financial firm, so I believe shared knowledge from Mr. Pajar about Fintech will help us increase our knowledge, isn’t it?” said Yunietta Anny Nainggolan, Director of Magister of Science in Management study program in SBM ITB in an online course which is held through video conference in April 2020.

Followed by approximately thirteen students of Master of Science in Management program, Pajar Huzaifah presenting the topic Maximizing the Firm Value: The Case of Financial Technology Firms with the company where he works as the case study. Pajar Huzaifah works in the Product Development Department in a digital financial firm named Tanamduit. This firm is a company that providing services in investment and assurance in an application named Tanamduit which has worked with more than ten company both private, state-owned, even government.

Tanamduit as an application born from a condition where people must come to banks to invest their money manually which is convenient for the customer. “We see that manual investment doesn’t give sophisticated service for all customers so we decided to make an investment app named Tanamduit which more efficient because this app doesn’t need much additional cost in it,” Pajar Huzaifah told while presenting about the company.

Sophistication and convenience are two components that fintech firms need to pay attention to because according to what Pajar Huzaifah told, things related to technology usually followed a lot by millennials who are indeed technology literate rather than elderly people. Other than that, it is more important to pay attention to the number of the customer than the amount of the investment because back again, the average customer in fintech firm are millennials. “The millennials are good at using gadgets, so the number of investors is high but the funds are not large”, Pajar Huzaifah added.

Then how can we as fintech firms maximize our value? From all of Pajar Huzaifah explanation about Tanamduit; the history, the vision, and mission, its Key Performance Indicator, until company’s development, three main points are (1) increase new users and active users with always make product innovation also marketing campaign and acquisition, (2) increase average AUM (Asset Under Management) by making your firm as a company that prioritizes the customer with giving education and make innovation to enhance the regular investment habit, and (3) increase transaction by maximizing customer experience with always innovating the service and delivering great services to assist customers investment decision.

Pajar Huzaifah undertook his high education at the Bandung Institute of Technology with a Biology study program at the undergraduate level and an MBA program at the postgraduate level. Now Pajar Huzaifah works in a technology-based investment and insurance company called Tanamduit in the Product Development department.