• The outbreak of Covid19 in early 2020 has mind-blowing effects on the community and society worldwide. People are shocked and confused about handling the new virus, including tackling the immense number of people infected daily. One of the hotspots to Coronavirus dissemination lies in sanitation, especially toilets in private and public areas. The condition of toilets in public space in Indonesia is prone to infectious disease to spread rapidly since our latest survey in 700 people showed that 99,5 is challenging to find clean ones.

    However, after Covid19, situations are changing, as more people are starting to feel the importance of clean and hygiene toilets affecting their daily lives. The latest case study from China and Hongkong annunciate Covid19 virus’ traces are contained in the empty apartments. The study suspects coronavirus can become aerosol in the moment of toilet flushing due to the lack of lid closing and inefficient air treatment. These conditions put Jamban, one of incubatee of The Greater Hub-SBM ITB’s Business Incubator, in a task to spread awareness to the people for clean and hygiene toilets in Indonesia.

Jamban’s newest master plan is three circular economies in the Indonesian sanitation industry. The diagram above is adopted from the World Health Organisation (WHO) to tackle SDGs no 6 in Water and Sanitation. Thus, our commitment has been well appreciated with many stakeholders, including governments, NGOs, communities, and the private sector. The circular economies shown above are part of modernizing Indonesia’s sanitation industry and increasing value from each circle. The additional value will accelerate and increase data transparency to interested parties towards a better ecosystem. Per August 2020, collaboration have signed with several private institutions such as :

  • M Bloc Space for toilet renovation
  • id in helping to legal standing
  • Asta mandala for design and merchandising
  • Redline for advertisement
  • SIAB Indonesia assisting water quality
  • Umma Seminyak Bali to renovate toilet in nearby areas

Additionally, Jamban is in talks to sign MoU with notable parties such as government bodies. There are two local governments, first is West Java, and the second is Tegal. Both are interested in installing Jamban products and helping to educate their citizens. Additional collaborations in the future for Jamban are eyeing Jakarta’s governments, Central Java, and Yogyakarta. These targets are matched with Jamban commissioner, Mr. Alfred Boediman. Ph.D., mission that the company is an example of social innovation and Jamban has to collaborate with many stakeholders to achieve noble movement #toiletbersihuntukIndonesia.

Therefore, at present Jamban opens a lot of collaboration with any stakeholders to modernize Indonesian sanitation and create a sustainable impact on the environment. Jamban believes there are many rooms to be improved in Indonesia, especially the sanitation sector, and Jamban is ready to become the forefront for #toiletbersihuntukIndonesia. Below, several images show activities from Jamban and respective stakeholders.

On going project

Container that will be used and installed in various public areas