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Written by Student Reporter (Deo Fernando, Entrepreneurship 2021)

The COVID-19 pandemic encourages people, especially millennials, to change their lifestyle to adapt to the situation. Seeing the limited social interaction activities, people are trying to find productive activities that can be done at home, for example, participating in educational webinars. In manifesting our educational webinars, we have formed a Bonheur Project social group, which means happiness in French. Our goal in forming the Bonheur Project is to accommodate the millennial community’s desire to be much more productive by holding paid educational webinars for them. Bonheur project, a group of management students of SBM ITB, focuses on raising awareness of emotional intelligence’s importance. This project aimed to fulfill the final project of the Psychological and Organizational Behavior course.

Bonheur project conducted Bonheur Live, Bonheur Talks, and also Bonheur Game. The form of each event is a Webinar, live Instagram with speakers, and interactive games. The main event is the Webinar and Game, which is Bonheur Talks, held on Saturday, November 28, 2020. Before the D-Day of the webinar, we organized a pre-event as our attempt to gain more participants. The pre-event is called “Bonheur Live.” Bonheur Live collaborated with two speakers,  a Psychology Student from Padjadjaran University and a lecturer from SBM ITB.

Our first speaker was Fasya Adisa Raspati, a 2nd-year psychology student at Padjadjaran University. We conducted the Live on Sunday, November 22, 2020, with the topic: “Introduction to EI: Theories of Well-Being.” The Live itself gained a total of 100 viewers and 1.253 views on IGTV. Fasya brought the theories with a simple, fun, and insightful approach. Also, we invited another speaker for our Bonheur Live. Our second speaker was Nurfaisa Hidayanti, S.PSI., M.PSI, or usually called Kak Ica. The Instagram Live was held on Thursday, November 26, 2020. Live also gained a lot of viewers. The topic that was delivered by Kak Ica is the introduction to Emotional Intelligence (EQ) itself. Kak Ica said, “It is important for us to increase our emotional intelligence, and it can be done by accepting and knowing ourselves or what we call self-awareness.” There were so many things to learn from the speakers about Emotional Intelligence.

In Bonheur Talks, Bonheur Project presented the topic of Emotional Intelligence and how it is related to happiness. From Bonheur Talks, it is stated that the concept of happiness is the subjective enjoyment of one’s life as a whole (life satisfaction). Happiness also can lead to better productivity. But, unfortunately, people nowadays do not really pay attention to their self-awareness, especially in the context of self-happiness. In fact, paying attention to our happiness is actually needed because a person’s level of happiness is related to their emotional intelligence which, in turn, will affect work-life productivity. Through this project, Bonheur Project aimed to increase and encourage awareness of the importance of controlling their emotional intelligence.

The happiness concept itself was also implemented in the game session, where the game objective is to acknowledge people about emotional intelligence and happiness but more than that, the game session was conducted so the participants feel happy after attending Bonheur Talks. The game is called “Bonheur Game”. The game was adapted from a monopoly game system where the player has to run their “emoji” or what we call the pawn and have to face the challenge in every district. In this game, there are 3 types of districts. Each district has a different challenge. District 1 contains guessing emotions in a sentence, District 2 contains knowledge about emotional intelligence and happiness, and District 3 contains finding a word through scrambled words. The game session was at the end of the webinar, there were 18 players who got the opportunity to play the game. The game session was filled with laughter and happiness. Some of the participants even said that their favorite part of the webinar was the game session.