Social media trends in 2021

Social media is one of the proof of the modern era that could make human life become easier. Social media has already influenced all human aspects, such as basic needs, jobs, business, education, and so on. Therefore, every person will compete with one another to utilize social media and follow the trend to get big advantages from it.

So, In order to begin this new year. SBM ITB Talks will be discussing the social media trend in 2021 with Annisa Muliasari as one of the alumni in SBM ITB.

From the discussion, there are a lot of insights that could be the lesson for us as the marketer and business people. SBM ITB Talks has already pointed several points toward the discussion:

Knowing your Audience’s Character

First of all, Annisa said, “By knowing your audience’s character, you can create the right content for your audience and we can deliver the message to the right audience. Usually, the marketer or business people use the STP (Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning) method to determine what is the character of the audience.”

Following The Trend by Embracing The Changes

As the marketer and business people, we must embrace the changes. Because the trend will be changed followed by changes in human behaviour. For example, in 2020 and 2021 are more known as pandemic eras. This era changed human behaviour, made all people not allowed to go out, just stay at home. This situation created a new trend for business globally. There are several businesses that were bankrupt, due to they couldn’t embrace the changes. Therefore, we can do things such as do a pivot, create a new innovation or something that people need in this era.” Annisa continued her thoughts.

Virtual-Based Trend in 2021

2020 and 2021 is the era that has a similar trend, which is an online-based trend. According to Annisa, “Pandemic COVID-19 has created a new era for all people in the world, makes people do everything in the home, decreases the direct-contact with other people and increases the health-services/product to maintain the health.” Due to people staying at home, it makes the online feature more utilizing than the offline feature. It makes people just focus on online platforms, social media (Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, etc), e-commerce platforms and so on. As proof, there is a big enhancement of social media’s users in 2020. This could happen because the people have a new behaviour and are spending their time on their phone or laptop. This trend will be the same in the next year which is 2021, there is not a big difference from 2020, the virtual-style trend will still become the main trend until the pandemic is over.”

“Tik Tok” Trend in 2021

Annisa also said, “The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in the enhancement of social media users, this creates a virtual-based trend, that makes all the activities depend on online features. However, there are one social media that shows a significant increase, namely TikTok. People from all walks of life prefer to use TikTok rather than other platforms. This is because the content provided is not monotonous, there are a lot of kinds of content such as beauty content, “how-to” content, entertainment and others. Business people and marketers have certainly looked at this, many companies have used TikTok as their marketing platform. Creating the short video, the knowledgeable content to engage the audience. Actually, TikTok trend will rise in 2021.

Communicate with your Audience in Facing The New Trend

In facing a new trend, marketer and business people must do something to maintain their users and add more. Annisa gave her opinion, “ There are a lot of ways to maintain and increase the audience. But, there is one thing that business people and marketers do first which communicates with their own audience. The marketer and business people can determine the new behaviour of people in the new era, besides that the company could increase the audience’s trust. The communication can be held by using the website official, social media and online-interview.”

Having a Backup Plan to Face a New Era

The trend can be changed quickly. It makes the marketer and business people must be more sensitive to the trend. The company could have another plan to face the trend that could be changed suddenly. The backup plan makes the company survive in the new era. So, the company could be more ready to face a new era.

Pandemic COVID-19 has already changed the trend and also the behaviour of people. It makes all the company could be more sensitive and determine the new trend and behaviour quickly. In 2021, the trend will be the same with 2020. All activities will depend on online-based trends, everyone needs online features, everyone needs social media, everyone needs e-commerce, and so on. There are several points, first one is knowing your audience, maintaining the relations with the audience and having a backup plan. Therefore, the marketer and business people could be facing new trends in 2021.

Announcer: Andina Hutahaean
Interviewee: Annisa Muliasari, MBA

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