The Greater Hub of SBM ITB recently held an event called “Startup Pitching Day – Batch IX 2021” which was held on January 15, 2021, via Zoom Platform. Every startup is asked to be able to present their business to investors in approximately 10 minutes.

The Greater Hub of SBM ITB as the institution that initiated this event revealed that the background of this annual activity was aimed at encouraging startups fostered by The Greater Hub, especially in Batch IX, to have exposure, learning, and experience in dealing directly with investors from within the country and overseas.

The Greater Hub of SBM ITB as the institution that initiated the Startup Pitching Day selected startups through a series of reviews of startups already registered in the incubation program of The Greater Hub Batch IX. There were a total of 17 startups that would face the investors.

In order to develop its facilities so that they can provide better services and increase collaboration between stakeholders of the startup ecosystem in The Greater Hub fostered program, this activity was initiated with the “Business Pitching” format by bringing together the best startups that have passed through incubation, with investors so that the startups can be expected to develop for the better in the future.

The Greater Hub of SBM ITB carries out this activity and aims to provide pitching opportunities for startups that are ready to grow faster and facilitates startups throughout Indonesia that need funding support for their business development. Not only that, this activity is designed as a learning platform for young people, fans of the startup world, and new entrepreneurs. Moreover, this semi-annual activity also constitutes a networking event for startups and potential investors.

This activity, which was carried out online on January 15, 2021, was opened by the Dean of SBM-ITB, Prof. Dr. Ir. Utomo Sarjono Putro, and also a speech from Dr. Dina Dellyana as the Director of The Greater Hub SBM ITB, which was then followed by the main event, namely the pitching session of 17 startups that have passed the selection, as they, respectively, were given five minutes for pitching and five minutes for questions and answers with the investors.

Of the 30 startups fostered by The Greater Hub, 17 were selected for having bold ideas based on technology in providing solutions to Indonesia’s problems. Among these, some startups operate in the fields of EdTech, Aquaculture tech, Gamification, Apps, E-commerce, Fashion, Poultry Feed, Coating Tech, Waste Management, Manufacture, and Property categories. The 17 startups are Teaching and Learning, Score99, Ilmulia, Pateron, Digipal, Sgara, Virtualpro, Talentiva, SIPAS, Pasarnegri, Restyle, Giantree, Nasho, Watano, Ruangplus, Nano Natura, and Ruanglimbah.

Meanwhile, the Investor appraisal team was composed of 14 domestic and foreign institutions attending the event, namely Alpha Momentum Indonesia, BRI Ventures, Endeavor, Global Founders Capital, Gobi Partners, Indogen Capital, Init 6, Kinara Indonesia, Skystar Ventures, Samsung Research Indonesia, Vertex Ventures, UMG Idealab, Prasetia Dwidharma, Venturra Discovery.

About The Greater Hub of SBM ITB

The Greater Hub SBM ITB is a multi-platform business development under the SBM ITB for ITB students in particular, and Bandung’s young generation in general in physical (co-workspace and manufacturing space) and non-physical (planned incubation, acceleration, and skill development programs) setups. The Greater Hub of SBM ITB itself was founded in 2016 and has incubated 198 startups so far.

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