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(Deo Fernando - Entrepreneurship 2021)

“When you want to create ads on social media or google, you have to make sure it is personalized for the stakeholders,” said Vanessa Santos, on Friday, (27/11/2020) when giving her lecture to students of the School of Business and Management(SBM)-ITB in Brand Management class. 


Vanessa Santos is the digital marketing coordinator at Royal HaskoningDHV, who has responsibilities to coordinate the contents on the web portal, providing advice for UI and UX, facilitating Search Engine Marketing(SEM), and has many more experiences. In the lecture, Vanessa taught the students about digital marketing.  


She opened her presentation by stating that nowadays, T-Shape Marketers has become the new reality in marketing. T-shape marketers are people with expertise in 1-3 marketing facets and they are beneficial to us in formulating marketing strategies and, they have the ability to create winning strategies by collaborating in teams. T-shape became the new reality because Marketing is very complex and needs specific skills in certain jobs. “You need people with certain skills in marketing that are good at something,” Vanessa said.

Then she explained that in terms of digital marketing, there are metrics that we can use to bring the users to buy our product. The metrics are awareness, acquisition, activation, retention, referral, and revenue. Awareness talks about how to trigger visitors to come to visit our website. Then, the acquisition, showing the core value and persuading the users to sign up. Third, the activation, giving users a great first user experience. “Make sure they hit the WOW moment fast and smoothly”.


Fourth, Retention that talks about making sure users will come back through hooks, features, and customers’ happiness. Fifth, getting users to invite others or referral, leveraging natural or artificial virality and incentivizing people to share. Lastly, finding the right business model, pricing model, and upsell model.

After that, Vanessa also plotted the application we could use to measure the effectiveness of the website or platform. For example, she explained about Unbounce which has a function to test the landing page’s effectiveness and report actionable tactics to increase the website’s conversion rate.