(Erwin Josua - EMBA, 2021)

In the middle of this new normal era, virtual interaction is one of the activities many people need. There are so many issues in this distressing era, starting from how we attend meetings, how we look, how to speak, and so on. Therefore, we must be able to adapt and prepare ourselves to face new life challenges.

Coming to give a guest lecture, the Director of psychology services Prakarsa Daya Motekar, Sukmayanti Ranadireksa, M.Psi., Psychologist, explained various things about how we develop our attitude. (02/12/2020) “Basically what we need to understand in interacting with other people is that we should be very open to judgments. So the assessment is natural, Whether the output is positive or negative, it is just the nature of humans.  Because we actually both consciously and unconsciously have done that.” said the instructor of the OQ Modeling School & Personality Development School.

When juxtaposed with the adage “Don’t judge the book by their cover“, judging other people is seemed as if it is wrong. But actually, this is a different and complementary perspective. Don’t judge the book by their cover are words that are intended for us to see other people more deeply before concluding. The reason is that because it is something we can control. On the other hand, other people also have the right to freely argue about themselves. So from that, we must be able to strive to be self-righteous so that others can judge us well.

We need to know that we live in a private as well as in the public sphere. Where we freely express ourselves in our private space. Meanwhile, in the public sphere, we still have to maintain ethics and etiquette under what norms prevailing in society. Especially regarding current issues, we must be aware that our ethics and habits when communicating conventionally must also be able to be applied through technology and digital media. In the end, all that becomes a new science that we can study further and refer to as internet etiquette (netiquette).

In the closing, the woman who was awarded the Inspiring Woman also gave some wise words. “Give yourself the most real and best personality you can! Thus people will see and judge you.”