Written by Student Reporter (Erwin Josua, EMBA 2021)

Editor in chief & Founder of Instagram account @Bapak2ID, James Jan Markus (alias) shared his and his colleagues’ experience in managing an Instagram account that was liked by many people. He came to inspire in an SBM ITB virtual class (11/02/2021).

@Bapak2ID proves to be able to bring benefits to many people. It is started with a desire to provide men with benefits in Indonesia so that they could be better. 

@Bapak2ID targeted 250 households. It targeted gentlemen because it believed that men have a big impact on the quality of life together. “Starting from children, wives, neighbors, coworkers, superiors, subordinates to the community, ” he said.

The founders of bapak2ID claimed that followers can have a positive impact on their environment by providing insightful tips. The art of serving is at the heart of its entire team. “We know that readers don’t really care who’s behind our content. Everything is never about us, it’s always about them,” said the guy who crossed the digital world.

Besides producing valuable content, they also provide fun and creative contents. They see things from different points of view around them with simplicity and strong intentions. The words of advice in its content should influence the reader. Some of them came from their own experience. 

“These guys sometimes forget about the little stuff. For example, how to take the clothes that were carefully stacked by the wife. Our content is as easy as telling everyone that before the clothes we want are taken, it’s best if the clothes above are taken first,” said one of the creators who used his pseudonym.

In the closing, he said that money is also significant. But don’t make money your target, because common interest is the main thing that needs to be in our minds.