Creative hubs are an important element in the creative industry. To keep the creative hubs resilient and sustainable, they must be accompanied with planning and well management, good in financial planning, and encourage cross-sector meetings and collaboration.

Creative hubs are organizations that provide spaces or infrastructures to enable people for networking and collaborating. They bring creative people together by providing spaces that support networking efforts. 

The hubs can be formed as coworking spaces in which people can share equipment, ideas, and knowledge. They also enable people to connect and collaborate.

President of the Indonesia Coworking Association Faye Scarlet Alund explained about creative hubs in a guest lecturer session held by the Bachelor of Entrepreneurship program on Tuesday (09/2/2021). She is renowned as a startup ecosystem builder and the co-founder of KUMPUL.ID.

She mentioned that the primary element of creative hubs is they have physical spaces and are open for anybody to come. Besides having physical spaces, creative hubs have cultural space that is imaginative in which creativity can be boosted. 

In order to get members, founders or managers of creative hubs need to optimize and target particular communities. “In Singapore, we can see that there are creative hubs for specific communities,” she said.

Faye then emphasized the importance of funding or capital to keep the creative hubs resilient and sustainable. Founders should determine the form of creative hubs (commercial or non-profit) and how the business model is (how they generate revenue).

In establishing creative hubs, there are some points that we have to notice. Faye explained that first, we should define our goals and vision of the creative hubs. Secondly, we should map our resources and networking. Lastly, we have to understand the ecosystem in which the creative hubs are established.

Nowadays is a tough time for the coworking space industry due to the COVID-19. However, managers or founders have to engage with their members and try to adapt to the situation by conducting online seminars and workshops. Many coworking spaces nowadays hold online webinars.

Written by Student Reporter (Deo Fernando, Entrepreneurship, 2021)