Are you making an academic publication? These are some tips and tricks

There are several types of publication, one of the types is academic publication. Academic publication is an academic writing that is done by scholars for other scholars. 

Mr. Prawira Fajarindra Belgiawan said it in MSM-DSM Lounge Series 2021 which was held by MSM-DSM of SBM ITB, Sunday (21/2/2021). The webinar talked about “How to Publish Confidently? Publication Journey: Tips & Trick”. The context of the publication that was discussed in this webinar is about academic publication and not popular articles, novels, science fiction, and so on. 

Publication is an important thing in our academic journey because with the publication we can present our research result, give our contribution to the academic world and the world. Publication is the media to publish our ideas, findings, and methods. To some extent, publication makes our life and society better, fulfills research gaps, and also increases Indonesia publication. 

“Academic publication has several characteristics that we must consider in order to create a better publication. The characteristics are, namely, objective, factual, continuity, following particular methodology, careful and honest, written by one or more authors, and also has an explicit contribution.” Prawira said in the middle of the webinar.

On the other hand, there are several kinds of academic publications according to the journal of Lestari 2019. Those are paper, research report, final project, thesis, dissertation, popular scientific works (books, journals, and grey literature), and working paper. All of this kind of academic paper could be written well if the writer has a motivation, goals, the field that we focused on, the topics, method and decide whom we need to discuss. If we want to do some research we must have that motivation.

A successful publication will need thorough research, starting from collecting the data. Prepare a data collection tool based on what you get in the other best journals or collect the data or do checking to the data. Then, determine the best method to process it and then process the data. The last action is to put the results in writing. This process is the fundamental thing to get in-depth research. 

The other important thing that a researcher does constitutes creating publications with the right structure. This gives an advantage to the readers to easily read the journal or publication. There are 3 parts of the journal structure. They are, namely, abstract, sections 1-5 (introduction, literature review, method, data analysis, and conclusion), and the last part, which is references. 

After we conduct in-depth research and write the research with the right structure, there are several things that we must avoid when writing our publication. The first one is to translate the data from Indonesia to English, not straightforward and using too many compound sentences, redundant paragraphs in each chapter, repeating the discussion in the conclusion, neglecting grammatical check and proofreader, citing no paper from the journal that we want to submit. These several points could make our publications fail if do not avoid those. 

Therefore, to get a successful publication journey we must do in-depth research with the right strategy and also avoid several things that could make our publications fail. According to Prawira, here are a few tips and tricks to make our publications become top ones. 

First, submit the paper to the top conference in the field. Collaborate with other researchers, if possible. Find the best journal first and then the next one, then the next one, then the next one systematically.

Then, cite at least four papers from the targeted journals, but only the relevant ones. Follow the journal format and write a proper cover.

Written by Student Reporter (Aninda Hutahean, Management 2021)