International business students sharing series: Netherlands

As we all know, SBM ITB has a double degree program that requires its students to study abroad at SBM partner university in the third year. Study and living abroad might be not easy as it seems and become a challenge for its students. In this episode, SBM ITB talks discuss more study and living abroad experience with double degree students in Groningen University, Netherlands: Lazuardi Ismail Firdaus (Lazu), Rifqi Munif Imanullah (Munif), Alfian Musyafa (Alfian), and Nasya Larasati (Nasya) from International Business 2021.

Overall, our discussion is highlighted with these three points:

New Experiences

Living and study in the Netherlands, they all need to do some adjustment due to different cultures. For example, Munif thought that people in the Netherlands are respected to privacy more compared to in Indonesia, it is not a bad thing though since it means they know the boundaries between people. Other than that, Lazu also thinks that people in the Netherlands are very strict about the rules. There is one time when Lazu is reminded to not get into the elevator because it reaches maximum health protocol capacity which surprised him that people are obeying the rules even though there is still room for one.

Not only from the cultural side, but new experiences for Lazu and Munif is also that they took a part-time job as an UberEats (food delivery) driver. While getting new experiences as a freelance, it is also a good way for them to be able to cycle around the town and still get paid since Alfian also thought that the Netherlands is a cycling-friendly place.


Living far away from family could be challenging for them. Since they are all are living by themselves in a dorm, they need to manage everything by themselves. Whether it is school stuff or daily needs.

Luckily the university has its learning platform for its students which ease them manage their school and assignment stuff. Other than academics activity, they also join students organization (PPI Groningen for example) to keep in touch and be informed within the communities. Being independent doesn’t mean being alone since there are a lot of Indonesian students there and in the communities that help their learning activities.

Time Management

People in the Netherlands are very strict with their time, it is also said that they need to make an appointment for every meeting. Another example than in class, if the material has not finished yet but the time is up, it will be continued next meeting so it doesn’t cause over time. During their studies, they also took classes with a packed schedule, which makes them be discipline in managing their time while still be able to manage their time. Time management is an important thing to do to survive and having a balanced life while studying at Groningen University.

Student Announcer: Rafif Adit Saksono (Management 2021)
Interviewee: Nasya Larasati Santosa, Alfian Musyafa, Lazuardi Ismail Firdaus, Rifqi Munif Imanullah Bachelor of Management (Management in International Business Students 2021)
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