International business students sharing series: United Kingdom

As we all know, SBM ITB has a double degree program that requires its students to study abroad in their third year at SBM ITB University partner. In this episode, SBM ITB Talks got an opportunity to get deeper about the double degree program with SBM ITB students who are now studying abroad at the University of Hull, United Kingdom. For those of you who are interested in the double degree in the United Kingdom and wanted to know more about their story and activities must not skip this podcast episode, because it will enrich your information and trigger your curiosity about living and study abroad in the United Kingdom!

Ahmad Kemal Maulana, Stanislaus Anggadya, Muhammad Irfan Rasyadi Saputra (Management in International Business 2021) are currently stayed in the same student housing and stated that one of the differences in the weather (since we all know the UK and Indonesia has different seasons), groceries prices; UK is more expensive, and also lifestyle. Speaking of lifestyle, it is also related to the rules they need to obey. For example, there’s a time when their garbage is not picked up by the junkmen for two months, and the reason why is because they did not separate the trash based on its categories. Based on that experiences, they learn together how to separate the trash to fit into the culture and get their trash picked up by the junkmen. This kind of adjustment and adaptability of one of the things that they learn other than academics here.

While on the other hand, for academics, there’s a slight difference with how it works in Indonesia. Their schedule there is not as packed as in here. Their attendance is not important as long as they can catch up on the assignment and final test. But this requires them to manage their time wisely, since they have a lot of spare time but still needed to responsible for their academics. So, it is a choice for students to maximize what can they get by improving their self-learning or didn’t get anything during the semester.

As stated above, the class schedule is not that packed, and they still got spare time. Seeing this, Kemal decided to take a part-time job as a storekeeper whose task as a cashier, goods stocking, and also serve the customer. With that part-time job, Kemal said it is well paid as his additional income. While for Anggi, he tends to look for non-physical contact opportunities (online) and it is enabling him to still can join some opportunities in Indonesia. As for Irfan, he is currently still looking for the opportunity and it is a good thing that the campuses have a lot of information about part-time or internship for students to join.

Being international students are not easy and challenging. They all need to manage their time well while still having a balanced life. Living together in student housing makes them get to know each other better since they have a lot of time to interact with their roommate and try to eliminate their ego by being in other perspectives. This lesson increases their respect level towards other people and also has empathy by helping each other.

Student Announcer: Rafif Adit Saksono (Management 2021)
Interviewee: Ahmad Kemal Maulana, Stanislaus Anggadya, Muhammad Irfan Rasyadi Saputra (Management in International Business 2021)
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