Ilham Subandoro become the most outstanding student of SBM ITB 2021, here is his story

Ilham Subandoro, the Management student of SBM ITB, has successfully grabbed the most outstanding student of SBM ITB 2021 award. Furthermore, he will represent SBM ITB to participate in the selection of the most outstanding Student at ITB level.

The most outstanding student is awarded to those who have a comprehensive intelligence and can balance between soft skills and hard skills. These skills can be gained through intracurricular, co-curricular, and extracurricular activities. Ilham is the one who has fulfilled these criteria. In addition to his academic activities, Ilham actively joined competitions, organizations, and established a business.

Ilham achieved 3rd Place in National Student Debate Competition by UNESA (2019), 1st Winner of National Business Essay Competition by UNTIRTA (2019), Bronze Medal of Thailand Inventor Day (2020), Furthest Developed Stage Winner of Startup Ideology Challenge (2020). He also got the Silver Medal of Sahasak Nimavum International Innovation in Srilanka (2020), 3rd Winner in National Research Writing Competition (2020), Runner up of National Business Research Competition UPI (2020), Gold Medal in Indonesia Inventor Day (2020), awarded as 3rd Winner of Digital Business Plan Competition (2020), 1st Winner of International Business Solution Competition IBSC Unpad (2020), and many more.

“Since elementary school, I have often participated in competitions. For me, competition is a hobby as well as an obligation,” Ilham said on Friday, (26/3/2021).

Ilham revealed that participating in the competition, gave an impression to him. “By joining the competition, I feel like a campus fighter. I am a representative of my university and therefore I have to work hard. Then, through the competition I also have the opportunity to get new friends and open new opportunities to me,” he revealed.

The young man who lives in Kuningan urged the SBM students to try and participate in an event or competition. He urged SBM ITB students to try to join any competition. If there is a competition, just participate, because if we fail we will know where we were lacking. Then, frequently ask seniors about the competition and look for a supportive friendly environment.

Besides competition, Ilham actively joined the organization and established his own business. He became the educational staff of KMM ITB (Management Student association), Head of Business Division of Solve it ITB, and as a helper in Growthlabs. Then, with his friends, Ilham established a startup named Pateron which focuses on education.

For the next goals, Ilham revealed that he targeted to be awarded as the most outstanding student of ITB and also to develop his business, Pateron, to be more advanced while he wanted to join many more competitions mainly prestigious ones. As explained by Ilham, to pursue all of these achievements, persistence and never giving up are the key. Then, planning and time management are also crucial.

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