In optimizing the highway sanitation service, PT Jawara Bersih Nusantara (Jamban) together with PT Jasamarga Related Business (JMRB) inaugurate a technology-based shower room facility “Travoy Rilex” in rest area KM 88 B Ruas Cipularang. This technology does not only provide clean comfortable sanitation but also implements cashless and touchless payment when entering the “Travoy Rilex”.

With the presence of Travoy Rilex, the shower area in the Cipularang toll is integrated with the platform that was developed by Jamban. “In this system, when we enter the shower area, we can use apps. This hope that the building is more durable and everyone who uses this facility will feel it is their own as it is more comfortable,” said CEO of Jamban Rudy Wahyu Perdana at the inauguration of Travoy Rileks, Friday (9/4/2021).

COO of Jamban Joobu Wahyudi said that Jamban also collaborated with some institutions such as Pertamina to manage toilets in some SPBUs (gas stations). Then, Jamban collaborated with KONI (National Sports Committee of Indonesia) to optimize sanitation facilities in sports venues such as Jakabaring and collaborated with the West Java Government to optimize the sanitation facilities in tourism areas.

Jamban is a BLEMBA 25 SBM-ITB student startup founded by  Joobu Wahyudi, Rudy Wahyu Perdana, Jenjang Utomo. Jamban is a sanitation company that focuses on providing public toilets that are clean, safe, and healthy by utilizing a mobile application that is easy to use.

Besides, Jamban was a tenant of The Greater Hub, a startup incubator in SBM ITB. Joobu said that his team and he obtained lots of benefits by joining this program. “There were so many benefits when participating in The Greater Hub, we can network with venture capitalists, lecturers, and also got input on the Jamban’s business plan so that it became even more mature. Then by participating in The Greater Hub we also expanded our knowledge, “said Joobu. 

In addressing sanitation problems in Indonesia, Joobu emphasized the urgency to collaborate among stakeholders. Joobu mentioned that there are four million toilet spots in Indonesia, with that many toilets, Joobu said that Jamban can not work alone to solve this problem, and collaboration is needed. Lastly, Joobu hoped that in the future Jamban will become a sustainable business in all situations and be able to expand into the international market.


Written by Student Reporter (Deo Fernando, Entrepreneurship 2021)