Digital advertising provides more benefits than conventional advertising nowadays. Digital advertising provides a lot of data that can be used as insight for future business developments.

It was said by the CEO of Ben Wirawan, Thursday, (25/3/2021). He explained that conventional advertising and digital advertising are actually very different. In conventional advertising, such as placing a banner, we cannot see how many people are taking our advertisement. “This is different from digital advertising in that we can know more deeply and personally about who sees our ad,” Ben said.

He also explained that several marketing concepts can be used to get customers. Some of the marketing concepts are funneling. We have to think about a strategy, starting from awareness to decision. One example of an awareness strategy is to create content that can attract customer’s curiosity to find out more about the content. The purpose of this marketing funneling is to achieve customer repurchasing and generate customer loyalty. 

He also explained that some digital advertising features such as on Facebook and Instagram are actually in the midst of marketing and sales. Market trends are always changing, therefore periodically checking trends in the market is required.

According to Ben, data constitute one of the most important assets in business. “In, we always use e-money in payment, in this case, the benefits we get besides money are data that can be used as evaluation material,” he stated. 

Not only talking about marketing, in facing a fast-changing market, product iteration is also required. Product iteration needs to be done to achieve a market-fit product, where a condition of our product is accepted by the market. The most famous way that can be done in a product iteration is to create an MVP and then throw it into the market.

In this pandemic era, since almost all work must be done remotely, inevitably almost some business activities are carried out separately and remotely. Ben, who has been working in the world of entrepreneurship for almost 20 years, at the end of the session, provided some tips for effective remote work. 

“Before doing remote work, make sure the human resource system and company culture are strong so that wherever employees are located they will carry out their responsibilities properly. Outsourcing and collaborating with outside parties also provide opportunities to be able to produce goods in large quantities and meet the needs of a broad market,” Ben added.

As a closing statement, Ben mentioned that in carrying out a strategy, it is necessary to think carefully about what you want to achieve and not be too hasty in making decisions. Market education also needs to be done so that the market knows what value we are going to convey to them.

Written by Student Reporter (Didid Rogiananto, Entrepreneurship 2021)