Scrum framework can make people in an organization have an agile mindset to work in complex work or create a complex product. Beside that, this also could be a framework to manage the change in the organization. 

Guest lecture’s who is one of alumni from Business Administration, MBA ITB, Ezra Hizkia Nathanael said it when Psychological and Organization Behaviour Course in International Business Class class session.

Scrump framework has two important actors which are the stakeholders and the scrum team that consists of three people which are business owner, developers and scrum master.

According to the scrum framework to start the work, the organization should have three important attributes. The attributes are value, commitment and empiricism. The attributes should be by the organization to begin the complex work. 

First attribute is value. This attribute becomes the first thing that an organization should think about. This could direct the team to work based on the value. It makes the work process become more well and the product that organization create, will be different from other products due to the value that organization was created in the beginning. The value will consist of commitment, focus, respect, courage, openness and other values that are adjusted to the organization culture. 

The second attribute is commitment. This attribute will consist of three points which are product goal (the organization will make its products in what form, for whom and what function is), sprint goal (the organization should has a goal in every work process) and definition of done (the target that organization will achieve if the work will said to be complete). 

The last attribute is empiricism. This attribute will make sure and control the process of the work, because the work should run based on the experience and knowledge of the organization. 

Scrum framework has several steps that organization should follow well. First, the organization absolutely has a complex work that consists of more unknown things than known. The unknown will discovered by releasing done increments early and often. By adding the increments, the organization will validate the assumptions

Then, the organization will learn what is needed and avoid the risk of spending time and money on the wrong things. As a result, the organization could deliver more value to the stakeholders.

The specific process of the scrum framework will start by determining the roles and responsibilities of the team. Based on the statement that has already been stated above, there are three actors in the scrum team which are business owner, developers and scrum master. This role absolutely has a different role in the scrum process. 

In the session, Ezra asked the student to do a practice in creating the scrum framework process. The work process will start from the business owner sharing every priority activity (product backlog) that the scrum team will do. The all actors will create plans to start the work process. 

Then, The developer and scrum team will execute it well and the scrum master will control the work process and make sure the process is in line with the procedure. After the scrum team has finished all the sprint (events or activities in the work process) in a timely manner, the product wll review (sprint review) by the scrum team itself and the stakeholders. If there is an improvement, the work process will back to the planning again and the process will run continuously to develop more the product.

Written by Student Reporter (Hutahaean Andina Putri Melinda Gamaliel, Management 2021)