As a contribution to society, our MBA students in Business Leadership program conducted a donation for Sanggar Senja Foundation. Sanggar Senja is a non-profit and non-governmental social organization with noble purposes to protect, care for, and raise underprivileged children, including orphans, abandoned children, as well as homeless children. At the moment, there are 86 direct beneficiaries of Sanggar Senja, 47 of them are in the age of school (elementary, junior high school, and high school). The mission of Sanggar Senja is to strive for a better life by providing better education for its children.

“This virtuous story of Sanggar Senja inspired us, students of BLEMBA 27, SBM ITB Jakarta, to conduct fundraising. We believe that it is the least we can do to help Sanggar Senja on its mission. Later on, in less than one month, we managed to collect IDR 50 million, as well as other donation materials from our internal and external channels,” said Adam Mahesa Putra, one of the students.

The donation handover was carried out on Saturday, 27 March 2021 at Sanggar Senja. It was attended by Dr. Yudo Anggoro, Director of SBM ITB Jakarta Campus, as well as the Donation committee of BLEMBA 27. In this event, BLEMBA 27 delivered a donation package consisting of tuition fees for 47 students (IDR 41,280,000), a PC, a laptop, 86 packages of books, 10 pieces of prayer veils, and other supporting materials.

“Alhamdulillah (Praise Allah), with this donation, our children can go to school without worrying anymore about outstanding tuition fees. Thank God for guiding us to meet Mr. Yudo and the students of BLEMBA 27, we accept and appreciate this kindness,” Said Adi on the ceremonial handover. This donation initiative was performed as the ‘Contribution’ component of ‘Feel. ACT’, a series of events consisting of ACT: Appreciation, Contribution, Tenacity, as a requirement for our ‘Feel: Final Exam Entrepreneurial Leadership’ within our MBA program. A strict health protocol regarding COVID-19 was implemented throughout the course of events.

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