SBM ITB held Gema Ramadhan event to strengthen the bonds of brotherhood among its lecturers, education staff, retired employees, and alumni. The event was filled with social care activities for the campus surroundings. This year’s Gema Ramadhan used the theme “Ramadhan Kareem: Recultivating Our Engagement Awareness for SBM ITB”.

SBM ITB Deputy Dean for Resources Reza A. Nasution said that the current Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in limited work space, interaction space, and communication between people, and certain limitations in various ways. Nevertheless, SBM ITB still strives to provide the best services for all SBM ITB big family and the environment surrounding the campus.

This services and care were manifested by providing Ramadan packages to the whole SBM family on Thursday (22/4/2021). Furthermore, on Monday (26/4/2021), SBM ITB gave donations to children of the Orphanage Al-Fitra, Jalan Udawa Number 12 RT. 01 RW. 04 Arjuna Sub-district, Cicendo District, Bandung. On Thursday (29/4/2021), SBM ITB will carry out a religious lecture to be delivered by Dr. Aam Amiruddin, M.Si.

“The sequence of Gema Ramadhan 1442 H/2021 of SBM ITB is expected to be the momentum to foster and revive the engagement at SBM,” concluded Reza.

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