Airlines business is weakening amid the never-ending Covid-19 pandemic. However, Citilink Indonesia Commissioner Hasan M. Soedjono assured that there is hope for the Indonesian aviation industry.

He said it when he became a guest lecturer at the MBA SBM ITB with the topic “Surviving Covid-19: A Case in Aviation Industry”, Friday (16/7/2021). Hasan divided his presentation into four parts, namely “My Take on CoViD-19 Pandemic”, “Global Air Transport Industry,” “Indonesian Airline Industry,” and “Citilink.” Hasan did it to provide complete and interesting input for MBA students in risk management, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, which is full of uncertainties.

He assured hope for the Indonesian aviation industry because it is human nature to crave connection and travel. Especially in Indonesia, a large country with its demographic bonus, increasing purchasing power, and an archipelagic state, Hasan believes that Indonesia can rise from adversity in domestic and global markets.

Hasan ended his presentation with a story about how Citilink survived during the pandemic, especially in early 2020, when many flights were cancelled, and there were massive changes in people’s lives. Hasan believes that with the right efforts, the downturn can be resolved soon.

Written by Student Reporter (Tjia Alphani, Entrepreneurship 2022)