Institut Teknologi Bandung held a graduation for 2,688 graduates last October 2022. Among all graduates, three graduates from Management study program successfully got the highest GPA. The three graduates are Tiara Millania, Vinka Amalia Hasta Barata, and Aletha Shahisa. How did Tiara, Vinka, and Aletha managed their study and non-academic activities during their three years study at SBM ITB?

Support from Parents and Friends

A supportive environment plays a significant role on academic achievements. This includes support from parents and families. The key is not to give too much pressure on being the highest achiever. Instead, encourage them to just do their best and stay healthy on top of it all. In addition, having supportive friends that cares about each other’s academic performance and health is also important.

Balancing Studying and Organizational Activities

In balancing studying and organizational activities, it is necessary to know which method is effective for oneself. For a planner, using applications such as Google Calendar and Notion is a good way to track day-to-day activities. For those who are more target-based, setting target and deadlines will help in remaining productive more flexibly.

Fear of Missing Out

ITB has so many great non-academic opportunities and it is indeed challenging to surpress the temptation to participate in all of them, especially when everyone is doing it. In overcoming this, the three best graduates said that the tips are to know one’s own capacity and capability with academic being the number one priority. It is also necessary to carefully calculate the benefits of the opportunity and how it aligns with the passion before choosing to participate in it.

Culture Shock While Studying Abroad

Before studying abroad, whether it is an exchange opportunity or a double degree, it is always a good idea to ask seniors around regarding the campus and the country. By doing that, the culture shocked experienced later will be milder. In addition, preparing to adapt oneself to the learning culture of the country will also be beneficial since the pace and the method will most likely be different.

The Secret of Being the Best Graduate of ITB

Balance is the key of being the best graduate. In addition to stay consistent in making academic a priority and also be active outside of academic, maintaining health and do some refreshments are also important. Every once in a while, taking time to meet friends, exercise, watch movies, meditate, or do other activities is very beneficial for staying healthy physically and mentally. In addition, it is also necessary to only think about things that are important and within one’s own control and not to think too much about things that are out of control.

Student Announcer: Puteri Tricahya Utamigela Thrisananda Kusuma (Management 2023)
Interviewee: 3 Best Graduates at ITB in ITB Graduation October 2022 - Tiara Millania (Bachelor of Management - International Business Alumni Class of 2022), Aletha Shahisa Bachelor of Management Alumni Class of 2022), Vinka Amalia Hasta Barata (Bachelor of Management Alumni Class of 2022)