The head of the REDD+ Management Agency (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation) said that business has a vital position in vocational and action. Reducing deforestation and forest degradation emissions could be done by limiting permits for corporations that carry out deforestation or forest degradation.

Heru Prasetyo explained a series of research and agenda from REDD+ on Monday (31/10/2022). Humans move with science through processes of justification, regulation, and measurement. However, the process needs to be followed by inventions, innovations, breakthroughs, and changes.

Looking back at the industrial revolution as a turning point in human history, there needs to be changed to reduce the negative impacts. One is the impact on emissions, deforestation, and forest degradation.

The problem is the public and private sectors are regulated by wealth measures. So wealth plays a significant role as the ultimate goal of the state, corporate, community, and individual.

Humans actively measure wealth, and what is measured will be regulated. However, what is not measured is not regulated. That’s why all sectors focus on wealth.

REDD+ focuses on emissions as the leading indicator. And the biggest emission contributors are not energy and transportation activities which also produce a lot of emissions. Instead, the biggest contributor is deforestation.

According to Heru, the goals of REDD+ are emission reduction, carbon stock increase, biodiversity conservation and maintenance, and economic growth. Efforts to achieve these goals are made through a national strategy, in which REDD+ involves institutions and processes, legal and regulatory frameworks, strategic programs, changes in paradigms and work culture, and the inclusion and involvement of stakeholders.

The REDD+ Agency, according to Heru, was built in 2013 as a setup to implement the national strategy. The REDD+ Agency exists at the ministry level, reports directly to the President, and is designed by the national authority for REDD+. The goal is to assist the President in coordinating, synchronizing, planning, procuring facilities, and controlling REDD+ in Indonesia.

Written by Student Reporter (Hadiyanti Ainun Atika, YP MBA 2021)