Bandung – Management and Entrepreneurship Students of SBM ITB won 39 awards at the Ganesha Award held by ITB at the Jatinangor Campus on Saturday (21/1). They won in various categories and dominated in three areas: Ganesha Rasa (art, culture, and religion), Ganesha Karya (work and innovation), and Ganesha Karsa (scientific and social).

This award ceremony was attended by a total of 644 invited participants and watched by approximately 3,000 people via live streaming on Youtube.

The Ganesha Award, or the Ganesha Award itself, is an annual event in the form of ITB’s appreciation and concern for students, individuals, groups, and organizations, which are considered to have shown achievement in a particular field. Types of awards cover four categories: Ganesha Karya for Innovative Work; Ganesha Karsa for Scientific and Social Affairs; Ganesha Rasa for Arts, Culture, and Religion; and Ganesha Perkasa for Sports.

The competition coordinator and lecturer at SBM ITB, Dany Athory, said he was proud of his students’ success in winning these awards. In fostering each contestant, Dany opened connections between students and experts according to the contested field. Dany believes that the most significant factor contributing to SBM students winning many competitions was their superiority in moving independently to develop the knowledge provided during training sessions.

“SBM students usually only need coaching at the beginning. Next, they can move on their own,” he explained.

Experience is one of the supporting factors why SBM students can outperform other participants. Reynaldo Mulya, class of 2023 management student and 3rd winner of Ganesha Karsa, had participated in 15 competitions. He learned a lot from both his defeats and wins. According to him, the desire to keep fighting is the most crucial if you want to win in a competition.

“So far, it seems that only the winners have been seen, but many defeats have been experienced. As the saying goes, ‘Hard work pays off’,” said Reynaldo.

In addition, the strategy in carrying out the competition also greatly determines the level of success in becoming a winner. This was conveyed by Fa’iq, a management student who has won two international competitions for the Ganesha Award this time.

Fa’iq believes that the strategy to win the competition start with selecting team members according to the topic being contested. Furthermore, the application must also be supported by the proper framework to optimize problem-solving.

“So we don’t have to develop a strategy to participate in the competition, but also about how to win the competition,” said Fa’iq.

In the end, the joy of victory can erase all the fatigue from the hard work. Stella, Fa’iq’s comrade in arms who also received an award at the Ganesha Award, admitted that she was delighted with her achievement. She thinks that this event is a manifestation of a university’s appreciation for its students and a way to appreciate yourself for all you achieved in the previous year.

Below are shown a total of 53 names that won those awards :

  1. Rafif Fakhrizal Amri – Management 2022
  2. Rheza Mahesa Raharjo – Management 2023
  3. Vincentia Viona – Management 2023
  4. Fa’iq Ezza Sadewa – Management 2023
  5. Efan Muhammad Rassya – Management 2023
  6. Veronica Sekar Putri Larasati – Management 2022
  7. Vinka Amalia Hasta Barata – Management 2022
  8. Rahadyan Pramudito Kumarasakti – Management 2022
  9. Geraldus – Management 2022
  10. Eli Sulistyowati – Management 2024
  11. Miranda Bethseba Gabriela – Management 2023
  12. Muhammad Ahnaf Abid – Management 2022
  13. Muhammad Ilham Gunawan – Management 2021
  14. Diva Novita Zahrotin Qolbi – Management 2023
  15. Rachael Gracella V Siregar – Management 2023
  16. Farrell Justin Wismanto – Management 2023
  17. Patricia Oxanna – Management 2023
  18. Stella – Management 2023
  19. Muhammad Syamil Falahuddin – Management 2022
  20. Laksmi Azzahra Kaheraning – Management 2021
  21. Dina Syarafina Aribah – Management 2022
  22. Ghanef Rayyan Hanisfy – Management 2023
  23. Darren Jonathan Ovani – Management 2022
  24. Ilham Subandoro – Management 2022
  25. Reynaldo Mulya – Management 2023
  26. Adam Aliya Silmi – Management 2023
  27. Jasmine Raudhatul Jannah – Management 2023
  28. Ravanell Avaryl – Management 2023
  29. Frisca Nadya Febrianty – Management 2023
  30. Aurel Fidelia – Management 2023
  31. Gilbert Tandiawan – Management 2023
  32. Ramel Akil Pratama – Management 2024
  33. Febbyanthie Chandra Purwanto – Management 2022
  34. Rindu Fadilah Amor Syahir – Management 2023
  35. Briana Alifia Putri Alwaliyyu – Entrepreneurship 2023
  36. Tjia Alphani Anugrah Putri – Entrepreneurship 2022
  37. Michael Tjandradjaja – Entrepreneurship 2023n
  38. Nadhira Valenia W P – Entrepreneurship 2023
  39. Sri Wahyuni – Entrepreneurship 2023
  40. Tamira Iqlima Hakiim – Entrepreneurship 2023
  41. Novi Angelina Fabiola Br Sihombing – Entrepreneurship 2022
  42. Nada Intan Salsabila – 19219061 – Kewirausahaan
  43. Ahmad Indra Prasetya Setiawan – Entrepreneurship 2023
  44. Ayya Azzahra – Entrepreneurship 2023
  45. Naufal Dhamiri Syifa – Entrepreneurship 2023
  46. Andi Aziza Zhafira – Entrepreneurship 2024
  47. Eunike Putri Permata Murthy – Entrepreneurship 2022
  48. Angela Thrisananda Kusuma – Entrepreneurship 2022
  49. Nathalie Maura Soetopo – Entrepreneurship 2023
  50. Ananda Humaira Putri Salsabila – Entrepreneurship 2023
  51. Nailah Shabirah – Entrepreneurship 2023
  52. Tanika Octavenia Sallao – Entrepreneurship 2022
  53. Muhammad Rivad Ichsandi B. – Entrepreneurship 2023
Written by Student Reporter (Rheza Mahesa Raharjo, Management 2023)