ITB supports the transition process towards the COVID-19 endemic by implementing an “Open” status throughout the ITB environment. The implementation of the open status follows the Instruction of the Minister of Home Affairs Number 53 of 2022 concerning the Prevention and Control of Corona Virus Disease 2019 during the Transitional Period Towards Endemic.

The open status have been applied since 8 March 2023, when Circular Letter Number: 457/IT1.B03/HK/2023 was released. The circular letter explains that academic activities must comply with offline and mixed health protocols. Lecturers, educational staff, health workers, and students who carry out activities in the ITB environment must be in good health.

In addition, activities, such as graduations, dies natalis, orations, ceremonies, funerals, and other activities that involve outsiders from ITB must obtain an approval from the ITB leadership. Socio-cultural events that use ITB facilities must also obtain permission from the chancellor, and all guests must report to the ITB Security Unit (Satpam).

The application of this circular letter can be evaluated and amended at any time. ITB is committed to maintaining the health of the civitas and the community by implementing proactive, persuasive, focused, and coordinated strategies during this transitional period.

Written by Student Reporter (Janitra Nuraryani, Management 2023)