To realize the mission of increasing the level of buskers (Upscaling Pengamen 1.0), the Entrepreneurship Student Association (IMK) “Artha” held a Jamming with Wirussian (Jawir) at Bober Cafe, Bandung City, Sunday (19/3). This time, IMK “Artha” involved Ahmad Setiawan, a busker who sings daily at the Surapati traffic light in Bandung City.

Ahmad sang to Bober Cafe visitors from 6 pm with a nice mix of songs. The visitors enjoyed the song and even sang along with Ahmad on the stage.

The head of IMK “Artha”, Naufal Dhamiri Syifa, explained that IMK held this activity to have a bigger impact on the surrounding environment but with a more creative approach. IMK “Artha” wants to have a long-term impact by helping to build a portfolio for buskers by bringing them to a better place.

According to Opak, Naufal’s nickname, this activity gives a new meaning to giving and change perspectives about giving. So far, giving has been expressed as a “one-way gift,”. Through Jawir, IMK “Artha” wants to make the experience of giving by getting value. The values presented are also in line with the values built at IMK “Artha,” namely fun and kinship.

“So, through Jawir, we want to develop the busker’s career. This aligns with one of IMK’s “Artha” missions, which is to create community self-sufficiency, “explained Opak.

According to Opak, the activity does not only have an impact on the buskers but also the donors. From this sincere donation, they can enjoy music and sing together.

“In the future, we hope to reach other buskers around the city of Bandung. So more people will feel the benefits,” said Nopak. “We also want more people to participate in this activity in the future.”

Opak also stated that IMK “Artha” was planning a festival in which buskers in Bandung could participate. This is believed to be able to grow a creative ecosystem, especially for the buskers.

Ahmad Setiawan, a busker who participated in this activity, thanked IMK “Artha” for their good intentions. He also hopes that this kind of activity can continue and have a good impact on the street music industry, especially in the city of Bandung.

Buskers (Upscaling Pengamen 1.0) jamming with Wirussian (Jawir) at Bober Cafe, Bandung City
Written by Student Reporter (Bashravie Thamrin, Management 2024)