The Outstanding Student Selection Competition (Pilmapres) organized by the National Achievement Center under the auspices of the Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education is one of the most prestigious events for students. This year, Nathalie Maura Soetopo, a student from SBM ITB batch 2023, has been chosen to represent ITB in the national competition. When interviewed by the SBM ITB Marketing and Communication Team on Tuesday (18/4), Nathalie admitted that becoming an outstanding student was something she had never planned for.

“I did set targets that I wanted to achieve during my university years and tried to accomplish them, but becoming a mapres (outstanding student) was something that I had never aimed for. That’s why when the registration for the competition was opened, I didn’t register at first,” said Nathalie. “However, it turned out that my name was proposed by the Study Program to participate in the competition. I thought there’s no harm in trying, and it turned out that I was chosen to represent ITB.”

The selection process at the National Pilmapres consists of several stages, including a speech on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). According to Nathalie, she had only one day to prepare for the speech. However, her habit of speaking and presenting in English while at SBM helped her become more prepared.

“I was only given the announcement for the speech the day before, so I had to think quickly. It was helpful because I was used to pitching and presenting in English while at SBM,” said Nathalie. “I chose the sixth SDG because I had discussed it previously in the EMS (Environmental Management System) course, and it’s also a personal interest of mine since I like waterfalls and diving.”

Nathalie’s experience as a moderator and speaker is an added value for her in this competition. At first, Nathalie was doubtful because she had fewer competition achievements than other students. However, the selection of the mapres did not only assess how many competitions students had won and their involvement in extracurricular and organizational activities.

“So far, I have been active as an MC and moderator because I enjoy it and have an interest in it. It turned out to be a plus point in the Mapres competition. It’s nice that the competition appreciates my interest,” said Nathalie.

Nathalie’s experience in entrepreneurship and community empowerment has also helped her stand out as a candidate. Especially because while at SBM, Nathalie has carried out many projects as part of the curriculum.

One of Nathalie’s significant achievements that contributed greatly to her journey to becoming Mapres is MEALTH, a wellness community that helps young professionals and students achieve holistic health. Nathalie found that many people have not been able to prioritize their health and well-being, even though it affects productivity and economic growth.

“For example, many students, in pursuit of a good GPA, forget to eat, get sick, and even feel depressed. The current missing gap is us, the younger generation, who are unaware of their health conditions. This is the point I brought to the Pilmapres,” continued Nathalie.

Even though she has undergone various selection processes, Nathalie’s journey in Pilmapres is still long. There are still many stages that still need to be passed, starting from the regional level to the final at the national level later. Even though she didn’t target herself to become a champion, Nathalie remains focused on doing her best and gaining positive experiences through Pilmapres.

“I will go with the flow. If this is the best, the way will be opened,” said Nathalie.

Nathalie views SBM ITB as a valuable platform that can provide access, connections, and opportunities for learning, but she emphasizes that it ultimately depends on an individual’s self-motivation to make the most of it. She advises students not to focus solely on becoming an outstanding student like herself, but to prioritize achieving their own personal goals during university years and actively participating in extracurricular activities and organizations that align with their passions. Nathalie encourages everyone to give their best effort and take advantage of available opportunities, as success may come unexpectedly in the future.

Nathalie Maura Soetopo speech on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
Written by Student Reporter (Janitra Nuraryani, Management 2023)