On Tuesday (11/3), the Entrepreneurship Student Association “Artha” (IMK “Artha”) of SBM ITB hosted representatives from AlloBank and Detikcom for the AlloBank x Detikcom Goes to SBM ITB event at the Nemangkawi Auditorium SBM ITB. The two business entities, which belong to the CT Corp group, shared their knowledge on effective branding and financial planning with the students.

During the event, the Head of Brand Communication Department Detikcom, Aldy Giraldie, explained that branding is a strategy to attract potential customers to products or services, differentiating it from marketing, which aims to promote the brand. To make branding effective, he suggested several steps, such as understanding the unique selling proposition (USP), competitive advantage, and competitors in the industry. Additionally, knowing the problem to be solved and researching the desired market share are also crucial. He also emphasized that branding is a long-term investment and requires understanding consumer behavior to position the brand correctly.

On the other hand, AlloBank‘s Key Account Manager, Samantha Leopard, discussed the common confusion among young people regarding financial management. To simplify this, she suggested dividing the income into three categories: 50% for needs, 30% for desires, and 20% for savings. She also explained the differences between needs and desires, where needs are essential and useful for everyday life, such as food, shelter, and clothing, while desires fulfill inner satisfaction and are non-binding. Finally, Samantha emphasized the importance of saving and suggested that students should have an emergency fund of at least five times their monthly basic consumption.

Chairman of the IMK Association “Artha,” Naufal Dhamiri Syifa, expressed his hope that the event could bring a positive impact and that the participants could implement the knowledge gained in their daily lives and business groups.

Chairman of the IMK Association “Artha,” Naufal Dhamiri Syifa, gives souvenirs to our speakers
Written by Student Reporter (Bashravie Thamrin, Management 2024)