Eli Sulistyowati, a student from the class of 2024 in the Management study program at SBM ITB, emerged as the winner in the esteemed Social Innovation Ideathon organized by the World Research Institute (WRI) Indonesia on Thursday (25 May 2023). Alongside teammates Deftendy Virgiatman from the Engineering Physics study program and Indira Akmalia Hendri from the Urban and Regional Planning study program at ITB, they secured victory in the Ideathon competition. The competition aimed to empower young individuals aged 15 to 24 to devise innovative solutions to socio-economic challenges, particularly within Bandung city. The Ideathon is a significant initiative within the Safe and Sound Cities (S²Cities) program.

Throughout the competition, these talented students embark on an arduous journey. They have to overcome various cases given to be able to give the best results. Eli said that the process they went through was both challenging and rewarding. They must propose a solution concept and attend mentoring sessions and workshops with experts to refine their proposals. After that, they have to make an attractive presentation and display it.

The main challenge that the team had to solve was the growing problem of bullying among high school students in Bandung. With unwavering determination and passion for change, they launched their innovative solution called the “Speaking” program. This initiative aims to combat and prevent bullying through a holistic and sustainable approach, using the pentahelix collaboration principles.

According to Eli, the motivation behind choosing “BERSUARA” program was due to their deep concern for the problem of bullying and their previous involvement in many community development programs. Based on his personal experience as a former member of the Kebumen Children’s Forum, an organization dedicated to safeguarding the welfare of children and providing a safe environment for them to develop, Eli emphasized the importance of overcoming the problems faced in this competition.

Deftendy, the only male member of the team, expressed his deep gratitude for their incredible win. He explained what steps they took to achieve victory.

“Collaboration, division of tasks, and unwavering commitment to tasks are the cornerstones of our success in this competition,” he explained, emphasizing the importance of teamwork and individual dedication.

As a result of their victory, the team will be awarded a grant. The total grant amount for the winners is an impressive IDR 550 million, which will be utilized to transform their visionary ideas into tangible solutions for the identified problems. With utmost confidence, the team envisions successfully implementing their “BERSUARA” program as a practical approach to eradicating the bullying issue in Bandung. Furthermore, they aim to generate widespread awareness about this crucial problem and motivate collective efforts to address it.

The glorious achievement of this extraordinary team reflects their extraordinary abilities and shows the great potential for social contributions from ITB students. Their commitment to social improvement inspires everyone, igniting a collective drive for positive change in society.

the participant of the esteemed Social Innovation Ideathon organized by the World Research Institute (WRI) Indonesia

Written by Student Reporter (Ramel Akil Pratama, Management 2024)