Students from SBM ITB recently visited Bobocabin Cikole in Bandung to explore and study the potential for tourism development. This visit, which took place on Tuesday (5/7), was organized as part of the company visit program within the “Tourism Entrepreneurship” course.
Throughout the “Tourism Entrepreneurship” course, students will develop the skills to identify and assess tourism potential in various areas. The ultimate goal is for these students to develop business proposal projects that can be presented to potential tourist attractions.
It is hoped that in the future, students will be able to participate in developing the tourism business in Indonesia. The tourism industry is a major contributor to Indonesia’s GDP, reaching IDR 786.3 trillion or 4.97% of Indonesia’s GDP in 2019.

During a visit to the Bobocabin, students were greeted by the Bobocabin Team from the BOBOBOX company, including Ali Pasha, the Talent Acquisition Manager. Ali explained that BOBOBOX’s journey started with the founder, Indra Gunawan, who saw an opportunity for the tourism business.

“Indra initiated the Bobobox business after recognizing an opportunity in human lifestyle, specifically focusing on sleep quality. The concept of Bobobox was born from the question of how we can optimize sleep quality.” Said Ali. During his presentation, Ali revealed one of the key value propositions of Bobobox, which is its integration with the IoT system. Established as a capsule hotel business in Indonesian urban areas, Bobobox has successfully demonstrated the potential for startups to flourish. Expanding its horizons, Bobobox now encompasses various new business lines, including Bobocabin, which centers on hotel cabins with a nature-inspired ambiance, maximizing the nature’s potential of tourist destinations.

Now Bobocabin is available at several tourism points in Indonesia. Among them are Puncak (Bogor), Bandung, Toba, Ubud and Pangandaran. Ali said that Bobobox is one of the few accommodation companies that has survived and even experienced an increase in the Covid – 19 pandemic era.

Bobobox and Bobocabin have survived and even thrived in the pandemic era, where most accommodation companies have experienced a decline and even went bankrupt,” said Ali.

During this visit, SBM ITB Entrepreneurship students are expected to learn that business opportunities can be seen even in everyday human activities. Apart from that, students are also expected to be able to learn how Bobobox through Bobocabin can maximize tourism potential at their respective points through accommodation that carries the natural theme of the tourist area.

Written by Student Reporter (Muhamad Fajrin M, Management 2024)