Prof. Dr. Rezaul Kabir is a professor emeritus at the University of Twente, the Netherlands. He is currently teaching and involved in research activities at SBM ITB as a visiting professor since May 2023. During his stay in Bandung, Prof Kabir has taught two finance courses for postgraduate classes and plans to give additional guest lectures and engage in scientific research in the coming semesters.

Academic Journey
Prof. Kabir’s academic journey is so diverse. The man born in Bangladesh came to Belgium for further study at the University of Leuven, and then educated at the University of Twente in the Netherlands. Prof. Kabir has traveled throughout the world and visited many universities on his way.

After earning two master’s degrees from the University of Leuven, Belgium, Kabir decided to pursue a Ph.D. in finance at Maastricht University in the Netherlands. Living in Europe gave him the freedom to work in the Netherlands and while remaining in Belgium. Due to the absence of any border control, Kabir can drive himself to campus every day.

His unique experience around the world started because of his interest in other cultures. Kabir is happy to see how people live with their culture. Kabir is also very open to visiting many countries.

Due to the lack of technological progress at the time, this interest became the catalyst for his career. Attending international conferences was the only way to find out what other people were doing in academia at the time.

Kabir admits to being lucky to have a career in academia. As a professor, he is always exposed to new ideas, new knowledge and new research.

Finding Passion
Prof. Kabir found a passion in finance because of his interest in and admiration for understanding analytics in financial decision-making, which later became a real passion while studying business administration.

“The key to finding your passion is believing in what motivates you,” says Kabir.

One must have motivation and know what one is capable of. People just need to focus on the goal. There would be no other way but to reach that goal in the end.

Success According to Prof. Kabir
Success is a relative term. Kabir argues that whenever someone achieves a goal, it counts as success. Therefore, there should be a lot of success that can be achieved in one’s life. Making short and medium term goals is very necessary. With so many goals to achieve, that person will have something to focus on and work hard on. Once achieved, that person will be successful. “For me, helping students understand the material is also a success.”

Experience in Indonesia
Prof. Kabir’s experience at SBM ITB is not the first time in Indonesia. Previously Kabir had come to Indonesia for conferences and university visits. One of them is by visiting ITB. He also mentioned a tourist attraction he had visited in Bali, Puja Mandala, which he called a very unique place.

Teaching at SBM ITB
Kabir’s visit at SBM ITB is divided into two different semesters. In May-July semester and then back for the August-December semester. During the May-July semesters, Kabir taught finance courses to MSc students.

For the coming semester, Kabir is planning to do further activities outside of teaching. Kabir is keen to share his expertise with researchers, including PhD students, to get involved in their scientific research projects. Kabir wants to help people to publish their research studies in academic journals.

AI In Education
The growth and effects of artificial intelligence raise some concerns that this technology may be difficult to control. These technological advances can cause harmful effects especially when used by people with malicious intent.

Kabir admits that ChatGPT – one of the artificial intelligence software that is currently booming at the student level – can improve student learning. But this software makes it hard for people to tell what’s real and what’s software-driven.

Kabir believes that students can use ChatGPT and artificial intelligence as additional opportunities to enhance their learning, but will not replace authentic classroom interactions with professors. By learning from professors, students can sharpen their critical knowledge, which cannot be achieved through the help of ChatGPT.

In connection with this technological advancement, Prof. Kabir gave a message to all Indonesian students, especially SBM ITB students, to continue to maximize the facilities provided by the university. In addition to tangible facilities, they must also continue to maximize intangible facilities such as class discussions, sharing knowledge from professors, and others. The pandemic has opened opportunities for students to facilitate these activities through online platforms, without having to rely on rooms on campus, so that learning activities can occur anytime and anywhere. “Welcome technology with open arms, be aware of the risks and threats, and consider the opportunities and use technology to benefit our education.”

Written by Student Reporter (Puteri Tricahya Utami, Management 2024)