Inspiration takes on various forms, often arising from the life journeys of individuals who confront extraordinary challenges. This sentiment finds embodiment in the narrative of Rahadian Adhitya Gangga, affectionately known as Gangga. As a graduate of the Executive MBA (EMBA) batch of 2023, Gangga’s story exemplifies how unwavering commitment and relentless determination can triumph over obstacles, crafting a genuinely inspiring narrative. His commitment to his work, eagerness to continuously learn, and deep-rooted familial affection serve as examples for many individuals.

One year after earning his Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from Universitas Indonesia in 2013, Gangga embarked on his professional journey by joining Total E&P Indonesia. His long journey has propelled him to his current role as a Well Intervention Supervisor at Pertamina Hulu Mahakam, a position he has held since 2018.

Gangga used to live for half a month in the East Kalimantan and the remaining half in his house in Bekasi. Ganga proves that success is the result of hard work and unwavering commitment.

Why would a supervisor with extensive experience like Ganga take the MBA class? In an exclusive interview (4/8), Gangga explained that his decision stemmed from an urge to hone his leadership skills.

“The MBA is an opportunity to combine academic expertise with practical experience in leadership,” he said. “Not only about business and finance but also about human and operational management.”

Gangga said that the experience he faced at work, being a supervisor who had to direct many people, made him feel the need to learn more to be a better executive leader. Gangga then shared precious moments at university that have influenced the course of his career.

“Operational and business leadership classes have greatly impacted my work. How to manage people, work, and lead in parallel in operational activities is meaningful,” he said enthusiastically.

However, many challenges also come with lectures.

“While working in the field and had a busy schedule, the daily coursework and presentations became a true test of my time and commitment,” he adds.

Creating a balance between work, family, and university is hard. Ganga revealed that time has become a precious asset in this journey.

“While on duty, I allocate my break to study and read materials. When off duty, I divide time for my family and study. This is a sacrifice, but my commitment never slackens,” he said firmly.

The challenges inherent in online lectures were not foreign to his experience. The intermittent internet signal, frequently disrupted while on site, and the limited direct interaction with instructors posed a significant test.

Navigating the commitment between work, family, and personal aspirations that Gangga currently undertakes is a formidable challenge. Nevertheless, Gangga graciously shared three invaluable tips for those aspiring to tread a similar path.

Firstly, establish clear goals. Define your objectives and precisely understand what you aim to accomplish. Secondly, seek support from those nearest to you. Gaining the support from those in your inner circle holds paramount significance. They constitute the pillars of your motivation.

“Behind a successful husband, there is always an extraordinary wife,” he said, describing how his wife and family support him in Ganga’s career and education journey.

Thirdly, commitment and readiness to sacrifice.

“Dream, take small steps, and be consistent. So those goals don’t end up just being dreams.”

Written by Student Reporter (Ramel Akil Pratama, Management 2024)