Beasiswa Indonesia Maju (BIM) recipients were excited to participate in the Summer Youth Program (SYPDN) at the SBM ITB on July 22-August 12 2023. Twelve students from various schools and regional graduates will participate in several programs, such as entrepreneurship, health, technology, and culinary, and others.

They will attend various classes on starting a business, mentoring in business, learning to think creatively, visiting companies, and many others. Summer Youth is a collaborative program between the Ministry of Education’s National Achievement Center and the ITB for high school graduates receiving the Indonesia Maju Scholarship in 2023.

Summer Youth gives them essential skills and a sense of love for their homeland before they continue their studies abroad. SBM is one of four ITB faculties collaborating with Puspresnas to organize SYPDN this year.

“I chose the (SYPDN) program at SBM because I am interested in entrepreneurship,” said Muhammad Raihan Hakim, a scholarship recipient who graduated from Wahid Hasyim Science High School, Yogyakarta.

Raihan also hopes that the program at SBM will help him be better prepared to transition to university later. Another participant, Abia Tsabitah Ali, from SMA Labschool Cirendeu, South Tangerang, shared her learning experience about innovation during Summer Youth.

“We are taught to think creatively and create new ideas,” said Ali. “At SBM, we are taught about business and university preparation in English. In this program, we learn not only in the classroom, but we also visit companies and do market testing.”

SYPDN BIM 2023 provides a rich experience with various activities to prepare these talented students for studying abroad. Other activities include industry visits, soft skills training, meeting agendas with international students, and many more.

The collaboration between Puspresnas and ITB in holding SPYDN shows a shared commitment to helping Indonesian students become better future leaders. Through SYPDN, students who continue studying abroad will be able to bring knowledge skills, and maintain a love for their homeland.

“We hope that the participants will be inspired by this program and the BIM scholarship recipients can succeed and make a major contribution to Indonesia,” said Isti Raafaldini Mirzanti, one of the SYPDN 2023 teachers.

Written by Student Reporter (Ramel Akil Pratama, Management 2024)