If you have an interest in private equity and venture capital, “Private Equity and Venture Capital in Southeast Asia” by Alfred Boediman, Subiakto Sukarno, Raden Aswin Rahadi, and Kurnia Fajar Afgani is a valuable addition to your library.

This book is particularly suitable for beginners seeking to acquaint themselves with these two widely popular investment avenues. Released on July 8, 2023, the book stems from the realization of Aswin and his fellow practitioners in the private financing that there is a notable absence of literature discussing venture capital schemes in Southeast Asia, especially within the context of Indonesia.

“This is very surprising for us,” said Aswin in the interview.

Aswin, a lecturer in investment at SBM ITB, observed a significant student interest in venturing into the world of venture capital while teaching courses on finance, valuation, and economics. Additionally, he noticed that many master’s students were already actively engaged in venture capital work. With this in mind, he aimed to create a valuable resource through this book designed for beginners and practitioners embarking on their journey in this field.

The process of creating this book was not without its share of challenges. While it is relatively easier to access information about venture capital in the more prominent countries of Southeast Asia, not all nations enjoy the same level of visibility in this field.

Another significant challenge faced by the authors pertained to the inner workings of businesses. Not all companies are willing to share their internal operations and trade secrets openly. This posed a considerable hurdle for the four authors, especially considering that one of their primary objectives in writing this book was to educate a wider audience about the functioning of this facet of the business world, hoping to generate more interest and involvement.

Aswin explained that this book marks the inauguration of a trilogy. He envisions this book evolving into a comprehensive and indispensable reference, facilitating a progressive journey for readers, from beginner-level to advanced learners, in comprehending the dynamics of venture capital in Indonesia.

The intended readership comprises undergraduate students and graduates currently engaged in or aspiring to enter the field of venture capital. Moreover, it caters to educational institutions within business and economics, specifically focusing on SBM ITB and other esteemed business schools. Through the publication of this book, Aswin aspires to foster a continuous expansion in the availability of resources for learning about venture capital.

“We are writing the second book, entitled ‘Where is the Money?’ which will be released hopefully around the end of December,” Aswin explained. “This first book is now an introduction. The second book will cover valuation methods, business characteristics, and more details. The third book will likely be released in the next year or two and will focus on research.”

The book “Private Equity and Venture Capital in Southeast Asia” was published by JawaraPress and can be purchased directly or through their Tokopedia store.

Written by Student Reporter (Abdurrafi Prayata Abidin, Management 2024)