Prof. Tjandra Anggraeni, Ph.D., the Vice Dean of Resources at SBM ITB, has consistently adhered to her principles. As a Vice Dean for Resources at SBM ITB, Prof. Tjandra Anggraeni, Ph.D. has undertaken a remarkable journey. Her path began by being surrounded by key figures at one of Indonesia’s premier educational institutions and ultimately becoming a valuable contributor. This is Tjandra’s journey in overcoming challenges and reaching her current position.

Starting from the Bottom, Then Climbing to the Top

Tjandra was born and raised in Bandung. She spent her childhood among individuals who worked in educational institutions. Her father was a chemistry lecturer at ITB, which provided her with a supportive environment that would later inspire her to become a lecturer at the same institution.

Tjandra’s undergraduate experience went smoothly, leading her to pursue a master’s degree. After a year of studying, Tjandra was able to continue her education at Swansea University in the United Kingdom. There, she encountered the differences in the British education system, allowing her to bypass the master’s level and directly pursue her doctoral degree.

Upon obtaining her doctorate, Tjandra returned to Indonesia and became a lecturer at the Biology Study Program, part of the Faculty of Mathematics and Science at ITB, now under the School of Life Sciences and Technology.

“My life just flowed,” she said. “For instance, when asked how I managed to serve as Vice Dean for Academic at SITH for ten years, it all began from the beginning.”

Throughout her tenure, Tjandra held various positions, gradually advancing her career from the ground up. She began as a floor supervisor, then treasurer and secretary, and eventually ascended to the role of Deputy Dean.

In this journey, Tjandra drew upon the collective motivation and experiences from her childhood, especially the inspiration she received from her father. His influence encouraged her to persist and continually strive to improve her endeavors.

Empowering Herself to Conquer Life’s Challenges

Transitioning from Vice Dean for Academic Affairs at the School of Life Sciences and Technology to Vice Dean for Resources at the School of Business and Management was difficult. When asked about her success, Tjandra explained that her unwavering commitment to principles brought her to this point.

One of the principles she upholds is the dedication to execute assigned tasks to the best of her ability. Holding a position or authority is not a mere privilege but comes with specific responsibilities that must be fulfilled.

In the context of SBM, Tjandra views her role as Vice Dean for Resources as a gift from her superiors at ITB, likely based on her performance while previously serving as Vice Dean for Academic Affairs at SITH and Acting Vice Dean for Resources at SBM. With this responsibility, her only aim is to carry out her assigned tasks excellently. Fortunately, Tjandra is surrounded by supportive individuals willing to help her realize this aspiration.

“Alhamdulillah, I believe the SBM community was highly supportive during my time here. Everyone, from the lecturers to the staff, provided support. This demonstrates excellent collaboration, and I consider myself very fortunate.”

Another principle embraced by Tjandra is her approach to life’s challenges. She regards challenges as a constant presence, changing in form as life progresses. The challenges she faced while serving as a secretary differed from those in her current position.

Moreover, Tjandra believes that maintaining rationality under pressure is one of her key strengths in addressing these challenges. This capacity enables her to formulate effective strategies and identify suitable solutions.

Tjandra also emphasizes the importance of differentiating working hours from leisure hours. When she returns home, she endeavors to set aside work-related concerns and focus on personal relaxation, even though there are occasions when she must attend to office matters at home. At the same time, she takes her duties seriously and remains focused when on campus or in her workspaces.

Paving the Way to the Next Destination

As an individual without a background in management or entrepreneurship, Tjandra has acquired substantial knowledge since embarking on her journey at SBM. One notable observation she made post-pandemic was the decline in the academic ambiance on campus, not limited to SBM but extending to other faculties. Efforts are needed to rekindle that sense of vibrancy and create an environment where people once again enjoy spending time on campus, especially given the influx of new staff at SBM. The positive culture at the school must be re-established and conveyed to this new generation.

Tjandra believes that SBM already possesses a solid and exceptional foundation. The enthusiasm of staff and students is palpable, bolstered by testimonials and the prestigious AACSB accreditation. She appreciates the active involvement of students in pursuing achievements during their college years, including participation in competitions, contributions to student organizations, and various other activities. The same spirit extends to the lecturers and staff, who have also achieved remarkable feats and now participate more frequently in ITB’s projects, reaching beyond SBM’s boundaries.

“Communication and interaction between us and our colleagues in other faculties are paramount. We must collaborate, especially in this era of multidisciplinary approaches,” Tjandra emphasized. “Our focus should now be on sustaining and further enhancing this integration for the betterment of SBM and ITB.”

Written by Student Reporter (Abdurrafi Prayata Abidin, Management 2024)