The ITB Management Student Family (KMM), in collaboration with Mindset Indonesia, held a workshop with the theme “Elevate Your Future: Mastering Masters Pathways” on Saturday (17/10) at the SBM ITB Building, Bandung. This activity was attended by 44 participants from SBM ITB students outside the faculty and the campus.

This workshop featured two students studying abroad, Raisa Almeyda, MBA Candidate from The University of Manchester, and Adhitya Khemal Rachmadi, MBA Candidate from the University of Cambridge. They share their experiences about high school preparation, scholarships, and steps to achieve academic goals.

Raisa provides tips for choosing a master’s program. Raisa emphasized the need to understand personal interests, set career goals, evaluate past experiences, and do research about the program and university you are going to. He also encouraged participants to consult with a mentor.

“These steps will help you make a more informed decision and choose a program that fits your goals and interests,” said Raisa.

Raisa also described her preparations for pursuing an MBA degree. Se highlighted the importance of planning and preparing documents such as school certificates, transcripts, passports, language tests, such as IELTS or TOEFL, GMAT or GRE, CVs, letters of recommendation, motivation letters, and essays for applications and scholarships. Raisa also shared how to contact alumni and proofread extensively when writing application essays and preparing for interviews.

“Well, the MBA differs slightly from several other Master’s study programs. Many universities require a minimum of 3-4 years of work experience,” he added.

Having work experience before starting an MBA program is useful in understanding the industry more easily, understanding the ins and outs of business lines, and having strong communication skills. The benefits will include richer class discussions, more applied learning, learning from classmates, and more flexible job placement opportunities.

Adhitya Khemal Rachmadi, MBA Candidate at the University of Cambridge, also provides valuable insight into preparation for continuing Master’s studies at leading universities. He explains the different documents required by the best universities, the importance of standardized tests like the GMAT, and how to prepare good letters of recommendation in advance. He also explained the differences between the IELTS, TOEFL, and GMAT, the tests generally accepted for applying to top schools.

This activity is presented like a workshop, which includes talk shows and focus group discussions (FGD), allowing participants to interact directly with the presenters and discuss further the topics presented.

In today’s competitive world of education, workshops like this provide a strong foundation for students who aspire to continue their higher education to a higher level. With guidance from experienced presenters, participants are expected to be able to take the right steps towards a brighter future.

Written by Student Reporter (Bashravie Thamrin, Management 2024)