The definition and operationalization of concepts are critical aspects of research. Concept definition elucidates the meaning of a particular concept, whereas concept operationalization delineates the methodology for measuring the said concept.

Dr. Ambara Purusottama, MBA, Doctoral Science Management Alumni of the SBM ITB, emphasized the importance of defining and operationalizing concepts in this research when presenting at the MSM-DSM Lounge entitled “Mastering Data-Driven Research” in Bandung, Thursday (2/11). According to Ambara, these two things need to be done carefully so that the research results can be accounted for.

“We shouldn’t play around with words, for example, when discussing sustainability. Do we mean economic or business sustainability from a 3P perspective (people, planet, profit)?”

According to Ambara, it is essential to understand the meaning of a concept before conducting research. The research results can be biased or misleading if the concept is unclear.

After understanding the meaning of a concept, the next step is operationalizing the concept. Operationalization of the concept is carried out by determining indicators that can be used to measure the concept.

“For example, we want to measure service quality. So, the indicators we can use are reliability, presence, empathy, and responsiveness,” said Ambara.

Ambara explained that these indicators can be measured using various methods, such as questionnaires, interviews, or observations.

“Researchers must choose the right method to measure these indicators,” said Ambara.

Ambara added that sound research results will have a real contribution to the academic world.

“This contribution can be in the form of discovering a new concept or criticizing an existing concept,” said Ambara.

The MSM-DSM Lounge is a routine agenda specifically for Master of Science Management students to become more skilled at conducting research. Ambara hopes that researchers can understand the importance of defining and operationalizing concepts in research. Understanding these two things will make the research results more accurate and accountable.

Written by Student Reporter (Fairuuz Fawwas Alfarizi T, Entrepreneurship 2024)