25 students from the SBM ITB, received the 2023 Ganesha Award for their brilliant achievements throughout the 2022-2023 academic year. The announcement and presentation of the award took place at the GOR ITB Jatinangor Campus on Sunday (12/11).

The Ganesha Awards represent ITB’s acknowledgment of outstanding student achievements, bestowed in four categories. These encompass Ganesha Karya for Innovative Work, Ganesha Karsa for Science and Social Affairs, Ganesha Rasa for Arts, Culture, and Religion, and Ganesha Perkasa for Sports. The students’ triumph in clinching the 2023 Ganesha Awards is tangible proof of SBM ITB’s unwavering commitment to nurturing individuals who excel and stand out as highly competitive contributors across diverse fields.

One of the SBM ITB students who won the ITB main outstanding student category is Nathalie Maura Soetopo (19220019). Meanwhile, the recipient of the Ganesha Prize for outstanding students at the faculty or school level is Ramel Akil Pratama (19021275). Meanwhile, seven SBM students received Ganesha Karsa, and 15 others were named Ganesha Karya recipients.

Nathalie, who secured the 2023 ITB Main Outstanding Student title, emphasized maximizing opportunities and employing strategic management skills during our university studies. She highlighted the need to be astute in learning from others. Ramel, recognized as an outstanding student at the faculty level, further underlined that the key to achieving academic excellence involves adhering to balanced principles, discerning priorities, and adeptly allocating time and energy to meet academic responsibilities.

This lively event was also attended by more than 1500 participants, including Joint Preparatory Stage (TPB) students, who added color to this event through enthusiastic performances of dance, singing, drama, bands, and various attractions. The award presentation in each category was carried out by the ITB Director of Student Affairs Dr. G. Prasetyo Adhitama, S, Sn., M. Sn. as well as the Head of the Sub-directorate of Student Organizations and the Head of the Sub-directorate of Professional Development and Student Entrepreneurship ITB Hafif Aziz Ahmad, S.Sn., M.Des., Ph.D.

The following are the 2023 Ganesha Awards recipients:

  • ITB Main Outstanding Student: Nathalie Maura Soetopo (19220019)
  • Ganesha Prize for Outstanding Student at Faculty Level: Ramel Akil Pratama (19021275)
  • Ganesha Karsa: Rachael Gracella V Siregar (19020305), Shieren Fernanda Aulia (19020179), Eli Sulistyowati (19021202), Michael Tjandradjaja (19220067), Affan Pradistya Adani (19220055), Ayya Azzahra (19220023), Tamira Iqlima Hakiim (19220 008)
  • Ganesha Works: Ramel Akil Pratama (19021275), Eli Sulistyowati (19021202), Patricia Oxanna (19020142), Afifah Khoirunnisah Pandandini (19020248), Samuel Santo Patarma Raja P (19020148), Frederik Agustian Budiharja (19020166), Aurel Fidelia (19020249 ) , Dinara Tsabita (19021206), Daffa Raditya Farandi (19220053), Nadhira Valenia W P (19220020), Ananda Humaira Putri Salsabila (19220064), Thomas Aquinas Ardi Jagatpati (19220052), Vasharin Vilzha Zaqira (19220024), Afdhalul Wahyu Ramad han (19220075) , Reogavi Poet (19220015).
Written by Student Reporter (Eli Sulistyowati, Management 2024)