A total of 50 students participating in the Creativity and Innovation course at the SBM ITB, had the opportunity to observe the dynamics of cosmetics market innovation directly at the head office of Paragon Corp, the manufacturer of Wardah, Jakarta, on Thursday (16/11). The students enrich their learning experience by implementing innovation in the cosmetics industry there.

Paragon Corp representatives presented two interesting insights. They reveal the complexity of creativity and innovation in the competitive cosmetics industry. The presentation provided insight into Paragon Corp’s journey to stay at the forefront of the industry, breaking new ground, embracing challenges, and relentlessly pursuing innovative solutions.

Their latest innovation is the Tavi brand, which focuses on Gen Z living in urban areas. As a new brand, Tavi carries the concept of sustainability from the packaging, supply chain, and ingredients. A cruelty-free animal testing campaign and an emphasis on vegan ingredients are competitive advantages for Tavi as the new generation cares about environmental issues.

After listening to the presentation, the students went on a company tour, learning various aspects of Paragon Corp’s operations, especially working conditions and workload. Paragon supports work-life balance conditions for its employees by providing good facilities such as a gym and swimming pool and discounts for purchasing products at the Paragon store located in the head office.

“This company visit gave me an insight into how the company works. I thought Paragon Corp would have a tall corporate building and a comfortable office look. “There are no boundaries between each other,” explained Rahma Divine, one of the students who took part in the company visit. “Looking at their brands, I believe this company emphasizes the importance of innovation. They have many brands, and we can find their products anywhere, meaning they reach the mass market.”

This visit is part of SBM’s commitment to providing lectures bridging theory with practical experience. This event exemplifies the importance of hands-on learning experiences and the valuable learning gained from real-world industry exposure.

Written by Student Reporter (Agustin Anandia Kartika, Management 2024)