Digital branding is more oriented towards building long-term brand identity, values, and aesthetics. Meanwhile, digital marketing is more centered on promoting products or services in the short term.

The existence of a brand in the modern market is vital to increasing brand awareness. In building a brand, especially in the digital realm, website and search engine optimization (SEO) are vital components.

Irfan Rahdian, Digital Marketing Manager of Auntie Anne’s, explained the critical role of digital marketing when delivering a Digital Brand Development guest lecture entitled “Digital Brand Development or Digital Branding” at the SBM ITB (17/11).

Irfan asserts that brands have transitioned from traditional to digital platforms. The advancements in the digital era bring numerous advantages, particularly for start-ups. These include equalizing opportunities to attract customers, reducing costs, facilitating access to innovation, and necessitating constant adaptation. Irfan cites the “Just Start First” campaign initiated by Tokopedia, a start-up dedicated to digital brand development as an illustrative example.

In digital campaigns or branding, start-ups often “burn money.” Do start-ups have to “burn money” on marketing costs?

According to Irfan, it all depends on the business model and goals of the start-up itself. If a start-up wants to survive, profit is much more important than burning money like crazy. Irfan advised prioritizing spending with a zero-marketing budget model to minimize upfront spending and actively look for cost-effective strategies.

Written by Student Reporter (Batari Citra, MBA ENTRE 2023)